An Interview with Tim Dierkes of RotoAuthority

With fantasy baseball right around the corner, I sat down with RotoAuthority‘s own Tim Dierkes, to get some input on the trends he is seeing early phases in the fantasy baseball draft season.

Fantasy CPR: First and Foremost Tim, Thank you for your time. You are quite a busy man. I’ll start off by asking if you can tell us a little bit about RotoAuthority and it’s history?

Tim Dierkes: RotoAuthority was my first attempt at blogging. It started as a blogspot blog in June of ’05, and shortly after that I got a real domain name. It’s just a place for me to write about fantasy topics I find interesting. In the early days it was also an avenue to sell my projections but I’ve backed away from that and focused on writing there when I have time. I’ve tried to put something up daily. I’ve slipped at times but usually I do write on weekdays.

Fantasy CPR: What is your favorite format of play?

Tim Dierkes: 5×5 mixed rotisserie, and keeper leagues add to the fun.

Fantasy CPR: Going into the 2009 season, we have a lot of players, like always who are fringe players. One guy that instantly comes to mind is Cliff Lee of the Cleveland Indians. For our readers out there, where would you anticipate taking Lee? Is he a player to look at in the top three rounds?

Tim Dierkes: He is going in the 6th round on average. I expect a good year with a sub-4.00 ERA, but nothing spectacular enough to justify that draft position. An off the cuff prediction: the person who drafts Lee in your league will probably not win it.

Fantasy CPR: A bunch of sluggers had down years (mostly due to injury) last year. Gary Sheffield, Travis Hafner, Hideki Matsui and Vernon Wells come to mind. Of these sluggers, who do you think will have the biggest impact in 09?

Tim Dierkes: Vernon Wells for sure – in a 12 team mixed league I would probably not draft any of the others. Maybe Hafner in the last round.

Fantasy CPR: Is there one player going into 2009 in your mock drafting and prep for the upcoming season, that people just aren’t getting right draft position wise?

Tim Dierkes: Carlos Quentin in the late 3rd/early 4th round just does not work for me. I am also skeptical of Josh Hamilton in the first round.

Fantasy CPR: Finally Tim, I just got to know. When it comes down to picking between two different players, Do you go with your gut? Or do you let it ride, and let the numbers do the talking?

Tim Dierkes: You have to go with your gut, because even the best projections are wrong quite often.

(Tim Dierkes is the owner of MLB Trade Rumors and RotoAuthority. Fantasy CPR is greatful for his time.)

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