Andre was hurt a lot last year. Look for his 1st 10 td season with year! (Picture source:

2011 Fantasy Football Top 25 WR Rankings

Now is about the time that every site will be opening up their mock drafts and league registration. It’s imperative that you start gathering  your cheat sheet information. WR’s are becoming even more important to your fantasy lineup, with NFL teams throwing the football more and more. You almost  have to select  a WR in the first three rounds of a fantasy draft. Or you will be left with the scraps for your number one WR. Also, if your league commands a three WR set. You better think about taking a WR in round two.

After saying all that. This is what Fantasy CPR is here for, to gather all the information so you don’t have to. By coming to Fantasy CPR, you will be a step ahead of your fellow league friends, and have the confidence you need to have a successful fantasy draft.

Now, for my top 25 WR rankings……

1. Andre Johnson. On a bad ankle last year he played great. Count on even a better year this year when fully healthy.

2. Roddy White. He had an outstanding year last year. Over 1,300 yards with 10 td’s.

3. Calvin Johnson. If Stafford can stay healthy the sky in the limit with Megatron. He could have 15 plus td’s and be the number 1 Fantasy WR.

4. Hakeem Nicks. Yep, I have him this high. Don’t sleep on drafting Nicks this year. Last year he had over 1,000 yards and 11 td’s all while missing three complete games!

5. Greg Jennings. I like Greg, but he was having a bad year until Finley got hurt. You can’t argue with over 1,200 yards and 12 td’s though.

6. Reggie Wayne. Most people won’t have him this high. I can’t think of why. He had over 1,300 yards, I know the 6 td’s were very disappointing. Look for a bounce back year with the td’s. I say he gets back to 8-12.

7. Mike Wallace. He was the number 4 WR in all of Fantasy Football. Before I put him in the top five I want to see that production again.

8. Larry Fitzgerald. If Kolb or Orton comes to town he will move up. Until then I can’t put him higher then eight.

9. Miles Austin. Even with Romo out for the major part of  last year he still had over 1,000 yards with 7 td’s.

10. DeSean Jackson. Nobody gets down field faster. He missed two games last year and still got over 1,000 yards. Jackson needs better td production to move up the list.

11. Dwyane Bowe. I don’t think he gets close to 15 td’s again, but he still should have a great year.

12. Vincent Jackson. He didn’t play well when he came back except for that one 3 td game. Lets see what happens before I put him higher.

13. Brandon Lloyd. He kind of smells like a one year wonder, but he was the number 1 WR in Fantasy last year. I can’t put him any lower.

14. Mike Williams (Tampa Bay). This guy could have a monster year. I love the whole Tampa team. Don’t miss out on him!

15. Jeremy Maclin. Yep, two Eagles top fifteen. Maclin is the better end zone target. He had 10 td’s last year.

16. Marques Colston. He has that knee problem right now, and the Saints spread the ball around….a lot!

17. Dez Bryant. He will get a ton of red zone chances this year. I love his talent.

18. Wes Welker. Wes is in a contract year, and will be another year removed from injury….look for a bounce back year!

19. Kenny Britt. He has the ability to be top 10, but with a rookie QB at the helm that will hold him back!

20. Brandon Marshall. Wow, Marshall at 20?? Well, when you only have 3 td’s the year before it’s hard to pull him any higher.

21. Steve Johnson. He is the number one WR for the Bills. I expect another good year from him.

22. Santonio Holmes. I think they lose Edwards, and Randy Moss comes to town. Holmes would be even higher if I liked Mark at all.

23. Sidney Rice. Same thing with Rice as with Britt, its hard to put him much higher with a rookie QB.

24. Michael Crabtree. I see a bounce back year on the way. He has to much talent!

25. Anquan Boldin. Wow, he had a bad year! He could be a steel at 25!


Well, that does it for my WR rankings! Look for my TE rankings comings soon!

Thanks for the Time,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.

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