Fantasy Profile - Dwayne Bowe, WR Kansas City Chiefs

We are starting a new weekly segment here at Fantasy CPR entitled (brace yourself for originality) “Fantasy Profile.”  As you may have already guessed, this article will feature a profile of a fantasy star, up and comer, or even fantasy disappointment.  The best part of this article is that it is written by the perspective of the home team- editors and contributors from the given player’s team blog.  We ask the questions, they give us the answers.  This week we were lucky enough to have Patrick Allen from Arrowhead Addict answer a few questions for us regarding the fantasy value of Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.  So without further adieu…


Does the emergence of Steve Breaston help or hurt Dwayne Bowe’s production?

I think it helps for sure. Bowe has always had the talent but his problem always seemed to be consistency. The Chiefs have never really had a true #2 or #3 receive since he’s been in KC. He played with Tony Gonzalez a bit and TE Tony Moeaki took some heat off him last year but it just wasn’t enough. Breaston being a legitimate threat should help take some of the heat off of Bowe. Teams will still try to take him away but with Breaston and eventually Jonathan Baldwin on the field, they will be doing so at their own peril. That means Bowe will have more room to work.
Opening up the run game this last week seemed to really benefit Matt Cassel and the Chiefs passing offense.  Will the Chiefs run game be able to consistently repeat their performance against the Colts?

I’m really not sure. Jackie Battle is a bit of an unknown. The KC offensive line is really more built to block for crease runners like Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster. Battle is more of a power back and is pretty unproven. Still, the Chiefs have made a commitment to stick with the run and that alone will help the passing game a little bit. If Battle does prove to be a hidden gem, however, Bowe should be lethal the rest of the season.
With Jonathan Baldwin looking to be added to the mix shortly, how do you see the targets breaking down for the Chiefs receiving corp, including tight ends?

Cassel is always going to be looking to Bowe first. Even in games when the Chiefs offense is struggling, Cassel always looks to Bowe. Baldwin could hurt Bowe a bit in the red zone because of his size but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The Chiefs love to throw the fade to Bowe in the red area and Bowe usually comes down with it. So while Baldwin might vulture one or two TD’s here and there, don’t expect the Chiefs to go too far away from what is working for them.
Based on what Dwayne Bowe is on pace for currently this season, give us your over / under on the following statistics for D Bowe’s season totals:

Receptions: 74
Yards: 1344
TDs: 13
I’d say over on receptions, over on yards and over on TD’s. Bowe is playing really well this year and his run after the catch ability has never been better. He’s in for a big, big year.

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