Albert Pujols will be looking skyward for the big cash the Angels dropped on him yesterday.(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Fantasy Baseball Hit and Run-Winter Meetings day 4

So much for the slowest day of the meetings. Seems like everybody’s headed to the city of Angels to play for the Angels. Arte Moreno might feel his wallet hurting after the beating it took yesterday morning, but his baseball team and it’s fans have got to be feeling great. Here’s the Fantasy Baseball rundown of the latest news (given quick hit style) as we wrap up a busy week of offseason moves.

HIT: Pujols to Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim. LA Times STL Today Washington Post



RUN: Albert heads to the American League which makes sense for that long of a contract at his age. Pujols is still the #1 overall pick in everybody’s draft no matter where he plays. His immediate lineup protection will be a little bit less (Torii Hunter??) and his numbers may decline slightly, but he’s still the best hitter in the game and having the DH instead of a pitcher makes his overall lineup better giving him more chances for RBI. I do think by the end of this deal it won’t be a good one, but for fantasy baseball this coming year there’s no reason to put anyone else ahead of Albert… This also gives a bump to the Erick Aybar and Howie Kendrick’s in the Angels lineup since they should be scoring more runs and seeing better pitches if they’re the ones batting in front of Pujols… The Angels weren’t done spending though after shelling out 250 mil. They still had more work to do…

HIT: CJ Wilson follows Pujols to LA. USA Today Palm Beach Post

RUN: If you play in a league where you draft pitching staffs (like the MLB Open leagues) the Angles just shot to the top of the rankings. Wilson, Haren, Weaver, Santana make a great top 4. Wilson should do well in LA and doesn’t even have to change divisions so there’s really no difference in the opponents he’ll face. His ballpark will be definitely more pitcher friendly so he could actually be a little bit better, and he won’t have the pressure of being the #1 guy. He should be good for at least 15 wins and a solid ERA and WHIP. He’s definitely a top 20 starter, check back before the season for our final rankings to see exactly where you should draft him.

HIT: Brewers sign Alex Gonzalez to fill their SS gap. Wisconsin State Journal

RUN: Gonzalez had a decent line last year for the Braves at .241/.270/.372  with 15 HR. This isn’t a big name signing but with their K-Rod-created financial restraints this is about as good as Brewers fans could’ve realistically hoped for. He’s a middle-of-the-pack SS which you can get as a cheap option to fill out your roster. The Brewers lineup still reamins to be decided, obviously, but if he hits near the top he’ll have some RBI and R potential.

HIT: Cubs acquire Ian Stewart for Tyler Colvin. Denver Post

RUN: Not so much fantasy value here on either side since neither will be the locked-in starter, but both have upside and the change of scenery may be what they need. I’d take Stewart over Colvin for sure and Stewart could get time in Chicago… It’s just a continued part of the roster shakeup for both these teams…

There’s still plenty of shaking up still going on and plenty of free agents still out there for the signing. There should still be some movement before the holiday season hits, so keep comin’ back to FantasyCPR and we’ll give you all the latest with our weekly Hit and Run. The hit and run had been coming out each Friday but we’ll be moving it into our Tuesday slot so look for it this coming Tuesday once the NFL-buzz wears off from the weekend. Let me know what you think of your team’s moves in the comments… Have a good weekend trying to update your rank sheets!








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