Fantasy Sports Daily Rounds-December 9

Last night was highlighted by some great physical games both on the gridiron and on the hardwood. Most people were watching Big Ben make his epic return in the second half and lead the Steelers to victory over the offensively inept Browns. The Browns really did have a shot, but Colt McCoy threw a pick in the end zone and the steelers converted a long TD to Antonio Brown making a 14-3 seem like much more of a blowout than it really was. The bigger concern though is Ben’s injury. In a uber-competitive AFC North to drop a game would hand the division to Baltimore for all intensive purposes so look for him to try and play after a week and a half off next Sunday. We’ll keep you up to date as that game approches… On the Browns side, more of the same thing they’ve had all year. It was a solid defensive effort and the offense moved the ball somewhat effectively at times but there just wasn’t the plays when they needed them or the ability to put points on the board. It looks to me they need to draft a QB early (first round?) and build around some new pieces. The ones they have just looked to flawed…

In a game just as exciting, it took double overtime for West Virginia to knock Kansas State from the ranks of the unbeaten. Bob Huggins’ current team outmuscled his former team in a game that got me excited for 2 things, March Madness (wow it’s a long way off), and the NBA… Coming soon to Arenas and fantasy games near you. (And therefore soon to be covered by CPR)…Speaking of the NBA Chris Paul was headed to LA until the NBA blocked the move… say what???… can the NBA do that? Nobody really seems to know, but it sure does make things interesting and when we hit the NBA rankings next week they’ll be plenty to talk about… Back to K-State though, the Wildcats losing in Wichita ruined my very nice 2 game winning streak in the Streak for the Cash mini-game over on ESPN. I do have a plan for getting it headed back the right way though, you can find it right after the jump…


Coming off a good run, but an L1 there’s a full board in front of us today. With everything from women’s volleyball to to men’s soccer and from the NHL to FCS college football, there’s lots of variety and smaller sports for today which is always kinda fun since you get to watch and care about sports you normally wouldn’t. Here’s how I’ll be picking and cheering today:

2:30-Hertha Berlin Win or Draw: I’ll start in the Bundesliga and take the home team getting the draw. Berlin in it’s last 5 at home is 1-3-1 and their only loss was to the 3rd place team in the league. I’m not super-confident since Schalke 04 is the better team, but haven’t been as good on the road, so I’ll take Hertha with a confidence level of 2 out of 5.

6:05-Creighton: Think of Charlotte as George Mason on their long run through the tourney. They’ve made it all the way to the semifinals and have beaten some very good teams to get here. Could they win? Sure, but I think midnight strikes for Cinderella and Creighton (whose only 2 losses were against a good Maryland team on the road and Missouri State a long time ago) the #2 team in the country makes it to the final. CL: 4

9:35-Edmonton Oilers: The Colorado Avalanche on the road were unstoppable at the beginning of the year, but they’ve struggled as of late going 0-6-1 in their last 7 away from the Pepsi Center. They travel north of the border in this one to face the young Oilers in this one who’ve been having their own struggles after a hot start. Since Edmonton’s at home where they’ve been 8-5-2 and Colorado has struggled so mightily on the road I feel like I can take Edmonton with a CL: 3.

Current Streak: L1

Record for the Month: 14-7-0

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