Thursday Night Football-Fantasy Football Recap

Our star search for week 14 get started in Pittsburgh, where the 4th quarter of the season got of to a rousing start. Since the game was only 14-3 you can imagine there weren’t large amounts of fantasy points flowing freely. In fact, except for a long late touchdown, it would’ve only hurt everyone who had early guys going in this week’s matchup…

Here’s how it went down with our usual star-centered categories of fantasy players.

Shining Star-(Player with high expectations and meeting them): Ben Roethlisberger-showed incredible grit playing through what will probably be classified as a high-ankle sprain later today. Big Ben reentered the game in the 2nd half and finished with 280 yards, 2 TDs (all there were in the game), and 1 walking boot. Good game, good win, now he wants a good prognosis.

Falling Star-(Player not meeting expectations): Colt McCoy-McCoy was just awful missing plays everywhere and finishing with only 209 and 2 picks with no INT’s. He did have a running TD overturned, but it doesn’t appear like Colt’s the answer in Cleveland. Plus, he’s also in our injury report below… Peyton Hillis-Madden curse has crushed the life out of Hillis. He didn’t bring any life to the party as he ran 10 times for 25 yards. It looks like he’s lost some time to Montario Hardesty and with his iffy injury stay away if possible

Rising Star-(Player you might want to get if you can since they’re trending up: Antonio Brown-was having a solid game before the long TD pass which left him with a very nice 5 catches for 151 yards and the score. Brown is a low-to-mid WR2 for the rest of the season if Ben can play.

Shooting Star-(player who did well but it’s not a pattern)-Evan Moore-Moore led the Browns in receiving yards with4 catches for 55 yards. The receiving corps is constantly revolving in this West Coast offense and with McCoy’s struggles there has been very little to no value on this whole Browns team, never mind their 2nd TE.

Hurting Star-fantasy injuries you need to know-Ben Roethlisberger-they’re saying probably a high-ankle which usually takes 2-4 weeks, but my guess is he toughs it out so they get the home-field they desperately want for the playoffs…Colt McCoy-Got lit up on an illegal James Harrison hit and stayed down. He may have had a concussion but tried to continue. With the increased sensitivity to such things he’ll have some tests to complete by next week… Come back to fnatasyCPR for all the latest in injuries heading into next week.


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