Derrick Rose went ahead of CP3 in the Bloggers League draft. (photo By George Frey, AP)

Fantasy Basketball-Bloggers League Draft Breakdown

Last night was the first ever FanSided NBA Fantasy Basketball Draft. The league is on the official NBA Fantasy game which is run by the folks over on ESPN where you can check it out and see everybody’s roster in total. I’ll do a breakdown of the teams as we move forward but today I want to look back and using the average draft position (ADP) and the top 200 rankings from ESPN’s Brian McKitish see who got the best picks and who reached the most round-by-round. I’ll also let you know what I was thinking with my picks. I don’t love my draft, but I think I’ll be ok. I ended up picking in the 8 spot which is just ugly as you’ll see…



With the first round I’ll also remind you who all these guys are who are picking for each team

Round: 1
(1) Sixer Sense – Kevin Durant SF (Sean O’Connor from The Sixer Sense)
(2) Team Pipen Aint Easy – LeBron James SF (Josh Hill of Pippen Ain’t Easy)
(3) Gallo’s Bombers – Derrick Rose PG (Jonathan Maness  of Nugg Love)
(4) SDS Pick and Pape – Chris Paul PG (William Sevidal of Soaring Down South)
(5) Purple and Blues – Dwight Howard C (Broox Anderson of Purple and Blues)
(6) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Deron Williams PG (Scott Campsall of Buckets over Broadway)
(7) Team Peachtree Hoops – Dwyane Wade SG (Kris Willis of Peachtree Hoops)
(8) CPR’s Medics – Russell Westbrook PG (me, Zach Thompson of FantasyCPR)
(9) Charlotte RobertoGato – Kevin Love PF (Andrew Barraclaugh of Roberto Gato)
(10) Saving The Skyhook – Amare Stoudemire C (Ian Segovia of Saving the Skyhook)

No surprises as to who went in the first round, the order was a little unconventional with Rose before Paul and Deron Williams over Dwyane Wade with Dwight Howard ahead of both of them… There’s definitely a drop off in the middle of the round and it dropped me right off the steep cliff. I was hoping Wade was somehow going to be there, but to no avail. At this point the 2 guys after me were still on auto-pick so I knew I could get the guy I wanted in the next round if I took Westbrook. I don’t like Westbrook’s game on the floor but in Fantasy he’s a beast simply because he puts up numbers and can absolutely explode on any night… It strikes me as a little funny that Amar’e’s knees are on Amar’e’s Kneees and actually will be the concern of Saving the Skyhook, and trust me they’re a concern…

Round: 2
(11) Saving The Skyhook – Stephen Curry PG
(12) Charlotte RobertoGato – Pau Gasol PF
(13) CPR’s Medics – Blake Griffin PF
(14) Team Peachtree Hoops – Dirk Nowitzki PF
(15) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Carmelo Anthony SF
(16) Purple and Blues – Kobe Bryant SG
(17) SDS Pick and Pape – Monta Ellis PG
(18) Gallo’s Bombers – LaMarcus Aldridge PF
(19) Team Pipen Aint Easy – John Wall PG
(20) Sixer Sense – Josh Smith PF

Round 2 things got a little interesting…In round 2 the key is to get a guy who does different things than the guy you got in round 1. Most of the bloggers did a really good job at that with the only redundant part being Gasol/Love for RobertoGato. There games are different to be sure but there’s plenty of overlap there as well… The biggest steal here might be Carmelo Anthony falling to his hometown blogger and getting paired with Deron Williams…Carmelo’s ADP puts him at 12 actually ahead of everyone taken before him in this round… My Blake Griffin pick gives me 2 players who can stuff the stat sheet but aren’t know for their efficiency. FG% may be a tough category for me unless Blake’s only going to catch lobs… Aldridge is an interesting pick at this point. His ADP puts him at 22 just into the next round, but he’s trending upwards so it’s not a huge reach to see him here…

Round: 3
(21) Sixer Sense – Eric Gordon SG
(22) Team Pipen Aint Easy – Al Jefferson C
(23) Gallo’s Bombers – Tyreke Evans PG
(24) SDS Pick and Pape – Rudy Gay SF
(25) Purple and Blues – Rajon Rondo PG
(26) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Zach Randolph PF
(27) Team Peachtree Hoops – Al Horford C
(28) CPR’s Medics – Danny Granger SF
(29) Charlotte RobertoGato – Chris Bosh PF
(30) Saving The Skyhook – Kevin Martin SG

On to round 3, where I felt some people started to reach a little bit… Tyreke Evans ADP is 30 so taking him at 23 seems a little early to me, especially with Rondo still on the board at that point. I like the Evans-Aldridge-James combo, but I would’ve taken Rondo there no question… Bosh usually goes early round 4 so seeing him this high is a little surprising especially since Charlotte’s first 3 picks are all PF now, that’s called cornering the market…As far as my pick, I like Granger and think when his shot’s on he can be an elite scorer. His health is definitely a concern for me since it seems like he always misses some time. He’s a solid 3rd player, but he’s not the first-rounder he once was…

Round: 4
(31) Saving The Skyhook – Paul Pierce SF
(32) Charlotte RobertoGato – Steve Nash PG
(33) CPR’s Medics – Joakim Noah C
(34) Team Peachtree Hoops – Joe Johnson SG
(35) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Gerald Wallace SF
(36) Purple and Blues – David West PF
(37) SDS Pick and Pape – Ty Lawson PG
(38) Gallo’s Bombers – Andre Iguodala SF
(39) Team Pipen Aint Easy – David Lee PF
(40) Sixer Sense – Jrue Holiday PG

In round 4 Charlotte ran out of PF to draft and went with Steve Nash instead… I was glad to add Joakim Noah’s across-the-board contributions and hope that his recurring nagging injuries magically vanish. D-Rose needs his help down low and now I need him to provide that for my fantasy team as well…Peachtree landed his second Hawk in a row as he added Johnson to Horford… Our first big reach according to ADP (which again is the average of all the people drafting with our ESPN standard scoring) came at pick 36. David West is trending down and getting picked all the way down at slot 60. It might have been right around this point that Purple and Blues got distracted by the Okur trade. Maybe he ban blame Kevin O’Connor for this pick :)… Personally I like the Ty Lawson pick at 37, but he’s slotted at 44 with a bullett since his stock’s shooting up…. Sixer goes homer pick with Holiday, but it’s a good one at this point.

Round: 5
(41) Sixer Sense – Nene C
(42) Team Pipen Aint Easy – Kyle Lowry PG
(43) Gallo’s Bombers – Andrew Bynum C
(44) SDS Pick and Pape – Marcin Gortat C
(45) Purple and Blues – Dorell Wright SF
(46) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Andrew Bogut C
(47) Team Peachtree Hoops – Raymond Felton PG
(48) CPR’s Medics – DeMarcus Cousins PF
(49) Charlotte RobertoGato – Mike Conley PG
(50) Saving The Skyhook – Manu Ginobili SG

Time for the center run, there’s 11 in the next 24 picks starting with Nene… I probably would have taken Bynum over Nene, but the concerns about his health are legit…I’m not a Gortat fan at all. I’ve heard all the other NBA buzz about him being undervalued but I’m not buying it yet. I got roped into Robin Lopez at the end of my drafts last year with the same logic they use not for Gortat. He’s trending upwards but is still ADP of 57 so 44 is a little early…For my pick, I took a risk and went with Boogie. Cousins has huge upside but is inconsistent. He could be the biggest steal or bust of my draft…Mike Conley has an ADP of 74 so 49  seems early to me here, but Charlotte’s got the PF/PG strategy going so look out…

Round: 6
(51) Saving The Skyhook – Paul Millsap PF
(52) Charlotte RobertoGato – Serge Ibaka C
(53) CPR’s Medics – Marc Gasol C
(54) Team Peachtree Hoops – Devin Harris PG
(55) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Stephen Jackson SG
(56) Purple and Blues – Andrea Bargnani C
(57) SDS Pick and Pape – Greg Monroe PF
(58) Gallo’s Bombers – Danilo Gallinari SF
(59) Team Pipen Aint Easy – Andray Blatche PF
(60) Sixer Sense – JaVale McGee C

In round 6, I got caught up in the C run and with Noah’s injuries and Cousins inconsistency I reached a little (ADP 60) for a solid and slightly underrated (in my opinion) Marc Gasol… Devin Harris was a bit of a reach at 54, but I do think he was best PG available. His ADP is 66… Gallinari’s is 67, but I guess if you’re going to name your team after a player, it’s not a reach if you draft that player…

Round: 7

(61) Sixer Sense – Ray Allen SG
(62) Team Pipen Aint Easy – Brook Lopez C
(63) Gallo’s Bombers – DeAndre Jordan C
(64) SDS Pick and Pape – Roy Hibbert C
(65) Purple and Blues – Brandon Jennings PG
(66) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Wesley Matthews SG
(67) Team Peachtree Hoops – Luis Scola PF
(68) CPR’s Medics – James Harden SG
(69) Charlotte RobertoGato – Darren Collison PG
(70) Saving The Skyhook – Luol Deng SF

Round 7 is where some of the guys with big upside, but big issues started to go. Brook Lopez came off the board to Pipen (who I think was on auto-draft)… DeAndre Jordan is shooting up the ADP charts but is still at 81. Hibbert ended the run on Centers and his ADP of 77 shows how quickly they had been flying off the board… Purple and Blues got a steal at 65 when they got Jennings. His ADP is 58 and some are predicting an all-start quality breakout… For my pick, I filled my SG spot with potential, but Harden’s risky since the Thunder still aren’t starting him and they like Sefolosha. He’s being touted as a breakout candidate which probably means he won’t  but if he develops into the 3rd scoring option on the Thunder, a presumed playoff team, I’ll take it in round 7… Luol Deng is a great pick at this point as he slips out of his normal position in the middle of round 5 all the way to the end of round 7.

Round: 8
(71) Saving The Skyhook – Chauncey Billups PG
(72) Charlotte RobertoGato – Kevin Garnett PF
(73) CPR’s Medics – Tony Parker PG
(74) Team Peachtree Hoops – Jason Terry SG
(75) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Kyrie Irving PG
(76) Purple and Blues – Michael Beasley SF
(77) SDS Pick and Pape – Jamal Crawford SG
(78) Gallo’s Bombers – Tim Duncan PF
(79) Team Pipen Aint Easy – Jason Kidd PG
(80) Sixer Sense – Lamar Odom PF

As much as I loved skyhook’s Deng pick, I hate his Billups pick. Chauncey’s not bad as a value pick, but this seems way to early to me…I got my extra G in this round with Parker. He’s not going to hit 3’s but Harden, Westbrook, and some of my later picks can cover that. He’s got the one thing that I needed at this point which was a high FG%. Mine was getting scary with all my volume shooters… Kyrie Irving is a steal here at 75 according to ADP which has him at 62. He seems to me to be overhyped, but it’s not like the Cavs have other options so maybe he can be the guy right away this year…Jamal Crawford is a big reach here. Hi ADP’s 98 and to take him over DeRozan was a strange call which was instantly regretted in the live chat from what I recall…Jason Kidd’s ADP is all the way up at 55 which is why the auto-drafter now has him.

Round: 9
(81) Sixer Sense – Rodney Stuckey PG
(82) Team Pipen Aint Easy – Carlos Boozer PF
(83) Gallo’s Bombers – Jarrett Jack PG
(84) SDS Pick and Pape – Elton Brand PF
(85) Purple and Blues – DeMar DeRozan SG
(86) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Chris Kaman C
(87) Team Peachtree Hoops – Tyson Chandler C
(88) CPR’s Medics – Jason Richardson SG
(89) Charlotte RobertoGato – Corey Maggette SF
(90) Saving The Skyhook – Derrick Williams PF

Pipen gets another ADP steal with Boozer who’s 68 on average. Moste people in our league obviously feel these guys best days are behing them. Pipen’s a Bulls blogger so his reaction to the booze pick will be interesting…My pick in this round was to compensate for the lack of 3’s from Parker. Richardson could be an absolute stud if the Magic trade D-Howard and they put the offense in his hands. Probably not going to happen, but if it di it would be bananas…Charlotte reaches a little with this one yet again with home-towner Maggette who has an ADP of 104

Round: 10
(91) Saving The Skyhook – Kris Humphries PF
(92) Charlotte RobertoGato – Nick Young SG
(93) CPR’s Medics – Jameer Nelson PG
(94) Team Peachtree Hoops – Marcus Thornton SG
(95) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Emeka Okafor C
(96) Purple and Blues – Antawn Jamison PF
(97) SDS Pick and Pape – Jeff Teague PG
(98) Gallo’s Bombers – Kemba Walker PG
(99) Team Pipen Aint Easy – Channing Frye PF
(100) Sixer Sense – Jose Calderon PG

I completed my complete set of Magic guards here with Jameer. He always seems like he could break out, but he just never does and usually gets hurt…. Jeff Teague seems a little early to me, but when you blog about the Hawks, like SDS does, you would know better than me…Kemba Walker’s an interesting pick too. It’s just about right for his ADP, but he needs to win the job from AUgustine before the number can really start to roll in.

Round: 11
(101) Sixer Sense – Tyrus Thomas PF
(102) Team Pipen Aint Easy – Toney Douglas PG
(103) Gallo’s Bombers – Derrick Favors PF
(104) SDS Pick and Pape – Ricky Rubio PG
(105) Purple and Blues – Richard Hamilton SG
(106) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Ed Davis PF
(107) Team Peachtree Hoops – Nicolas Batum SF
(108) CPR’s Medics – Anderson Varejao PF
(109) Charlotte RobertoGato – Boris Diaw PF
(110) Saving The Skyhook – Samuel Dalembert C

On to the benches as we head to round 11, Thomas is a reach since his ADP is 119 which means he doesn’t get drafted at all a lot of the time and ranks 140th in average positions…Douglas at 102 may be an absolute steal for auto-Pip since he appears to have the entire NY PG job to himself until when/if B-Diddy returns…Favors is a rising name, but this might be early for him… I really like the Nic Batum pick, and would have made him my pick if he had been there one slot longer… Instead I round out my boards, blocks, and FG% by drafting Andy. Hickson’s gone from Cleveland and Verejao always plays hard and puts up sneaky stats… I like the Dalembert pick at 110 also, I think he will help the Rockets and get quite a bit of time.

Round: 12
(111) Saving The Skyhook – Arron Afflalo SG
(112) Charlotte RobertoGato – Andre Miller PG
(113) CPR’s Medics – George Hill PG
(114) Team Peachtree Hoops – Thaddeus Young SF
(115) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Bismack Biyombo PF
(116) Purple and Blues – Mehmet Okur C
(117) SDS Pick and Pape – Tyler Hansbrough PF
(118) Gallo’s Bombers – Paul George SF
(119) Team Pipen Aint Easy – D.J. Augustin PG
(120) Sixer Sense – J.J. Hickson PF

This is the round I’d like back. George Hill was a wasted pick. He’ll be on waiver soon. Some of the other guys made really nice choices. Okur’s intriguing as he heads to Jersey so the Jazz blogger grabbed him on the way out… Heard some good things about Paul George, including that he’s grown in the strike-lengthened off-season… At this poitn it’s trying to find anyone who might have some value… O yeah, and it’s BISMACK TIME!

Round: 13
(121) Sixer Sense – Lou Williams PG
(122) Team Pipen Aint Easy – Shawn Marion SF
(123) Gallo’s Bombers – Evan Turner SG
(124) SDS Pick and Pape – Ryan Anderson PF
(125) Purple and Blues – Austin Daye SF
(126) Amar’e’s  Kneees – Tony Allen SG
(127) Team Peachtree Hoops – O.J. Mayo SG
(128) CPR’s Medics – Caron Butler SF
(129) Charlotte RobertoGato – Jared Dudley SF
(130) Saving The Skyhook – C.J. Miles SF

That’s how it finished up. CJ Miles is our Mr. Irrelevant in this one… I bounced back from my crazy George Hill mistake and grabbed a very serviceable tough juice. He’s actually getting drafted at around 96 so to get him at 128 is nice… Mayo, Dudle, and Turner are also very nice sleepers for their owners…


So that’s the rundown of the draft. Let me know what your thoughts are and check out what the other bloggers think of their draft on all the different sites. I’ll be looking at the different teams as time goes along and I’ll also give you a weekly update on how things are going and who’s dominating… Enjoy the hoops action as you celebrate your Merry Christmas and Happy Drafting!



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