Reggie Wayne basks in the glow of his game-winning TD. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

Fantasy Football-Thursday Night Recap

For the first time ever last night a team in the NFL with only one win beat a team with over ten. The Houston Texans have some of the worst timing of any franchise. They’ve been stuck in the AFC South with the Colts and the Manning machine for years, and the year he goes down and things finally start to go their way they lose not one, but two QB’s and end up with a developmental pick from North Carolina (the basketball one) starting for them.

The sad story doesn’t end there though, because TJ Yates actually did ok at the beginning or at least well enough to keep hope alive and even to get them into the playoffs. They still haven’t scored more than 17 points though and even though he didn’t turn the ball over, he didn’t make the plays they needed to win. Dan Orlovsky, who used to be ahead of him on Houston’s depth chart, and Reggie Wayne did, and the Colts are winners today because of it. The Texans leave Indy like they have the previous 9 times with only a loss and a sense of what could have been if they made one more play. Like their Coach Gary Kubiak said, “”We make one play offensively at the end, the game’s over. We make one stop at the end, the game’s over.” Sounds like a man with some regrets, no?

So where does that leave the rest of us? Well, it sure clouds the playoff and draft situation which would’ve gained quite a bit of clarity with the opposite result. It also results in these guys trending up and trending down…

Trending up: Arian Foster-he’ll be right at the top of the RB board again next year as he had another steller game racking up another 158 and a TD on the ground and 3 catches for 16 yards receiving. Except for when he was injured to start the year, he’s been a workhorse once again and will be a top 5 pick in most drafts next season…Dan Orlovsky-Orlovsky may not be a starter in the Colts future but at least he didn’t complete 2 0-16 seasons and now has won back-to-back games in the NFL. Last night he threw for 244 and an TD. He’s not on the map for fantasy but he’s finishing the year well…Reggie Wayne-the man’s still got game as he showed with his 8 catch, 105 yard, 1 touchdown performance. Depending on where he ends up in free agency and who is throwing him the ball he’ll be a drafted wide out next year.

Trending down: Texans playoffs hopes-not may teams are going to win in the playoffs without breaking 20 which the Texans offense hasn’t under Yates. It’s a combination of him not making plays and him not being given the chance. His numbers were solid, but the results haven’t been yet…Donald Brown-for those who started him based on last week’s breakout performance he disappointed, taking only 11 carries (compared to 19 for Joseph Addai) and gaining 36 yards. He’s shown potential so wait and see the situation in Indy and remember him as the back that showed up at least for 1 game (last week) this year…Owen Daniels-He played through his injury but only had 1 catch for 4 yards. His owners have to be disappointed with his season although little of it has been his fault. If he and his QB can heal this offseason he may be a sleeper pick next year at a loaded TE position…

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