Alabama's Nico Johnson (35) and Dre Kirkpatrick (21) were 2 of the many defensive stars for the Crimson Tide. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

National Championship recap

While Alabama fans and Nick Saban celebrate their 2nd national championship in three years, last night’s BCS game was bad news, good news situation for me.

The bad news is I missed the pick and it was the highest ranked pick I missed in Bowl Mania. Overall, I still had a decent bowl season finishing 23-12 and in the 93rd precentile in the confidence ranking system of the game. I’ll have my full recap of Bowl Mania entry out later this week…

It was bad news for the LSU Tigers as well, as their offense was completely overmatched and got shut out by the incredible Alabama defense who recorded the first ever shutout in a BCS game. The Crimson Tide defense was dominant and showed why so many of them will end up going early on in the NFL Draft (mock draft coming later this week).

The best news of course, if for all those “Roll Tide” people from Alabama. ‘Bama played exceptionally in all aspects of the game as their offense moved the ball, the defense crushed Jordan Jefferson, and their kicker nailed 5 FGs. They completely destroyed the Honey Badger in the return game and ran plays at him and beat him while he was in on defense.

The other good news is that the down-side of a rematch is highlighted by this result. The struggle some people will have is that there’s no clear champion. Alabama was by far the better team last night, but remember that the BCS Championship game winner didn’t even win their own division in the SEC and didn’t even play a conference championship game.

While I give ‘Bama a world of credit for dominating the game and winning on the field, I do think a system that gives them 2 shots at beating LSU and only winning 1 (after losing at home), is a fatally faulty system. I hope this result draws attention to the need for a college football playoff. If ‘Bama wins a playoff on the field, that’s great and there’s no questioning their victory. With the defense they played tonight, they probably would win a playoff, but keeping out other 1 loss teams like Oklahoma State, Stanford (at the end of the regular season), Houston, and even Boise State doesn’t seem fair.

Again, this is to take nothing away from Alabama. They played exceptionally and deserve the title of National Champions. The system needs help though, and hopefully when the BCS movers and shakers meet Tuesday this result will spur them to make major changes. If that happens, then we all come out of this championship game as the ultimate winners.

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