Romeo Crennel hired by the Chiefs

The Chiefs removed the interim tag from Crennel’s position and named him the team’s head coach for the upcoming season. That’s what happens when you beat the previously unbeaten Packers, and close out the season with a victory (as ugly as it was) over your division-rival Broncos on the road.

What this means in Fantasy Football is that Crennel will look to land a big-name offensive coordinator and hand off most of those responsibilities and continue his focus on the Chiefs incredibly improved defense.

At the very beginning of this year I like the Chiefs D so much I drafted them in both of the 2 leagues that I play in. They got absolutely embarrassed against Buffalo and at Detroit I dropped them as quickly as I could, but the talent is there for this to be a solid unit especially when they’re playing at Arrowhead.

The offensive side of things is still to be determined, but depending on who the QB is and who the coordinator is there’s talent that is present on that side of the ball that could be very useful in fantasy football. If Matt Cassell is the QB, Dwayne Bowe will have value, and I think Jackie Battle showed flashes of being a nice complementary RB as well.

The OC is going to be a big hire for the direction of the Chiefs offense, but this is a good hire for the Chiefs as they develop into what I think can be a top 6 defense next season under Crennel

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