Bowl Mania wrap-up

With a great college bowl season behind us, let’s take a look back at some of the best games, biggest surprises,  and the draft prospects that took a big jump due to their play this postseason.

Heisman winner Robert Griffin III (10) escaped the Washington D on this play and most of the night as he led the Baylor Bears to Bowl victory in my top confidence pick for Bowl Mania. (DEAN RUTZ / THE SEATTLE TIMES )

My Bowl Mania entry did fairly well compared to some of my previous years, and for the first time ever I got to write a preview and pick article for each and every bowl game. You can find them here. It was a grueling process at time since there seems to be more bowls every year, but I really enjoyed breaking down the games. It’s my first bowl season as editor of FantasyCPR, and I hope you found our analysis useful.

I ended up in the top 7 percent of people playing Bowl Mania with the confidence system and going 23-12 straight up (not against the spread). I definitely missed on some big games (sorry ‘Bama and West Virginia), but in the confidence ranking nailed my first 10 picks. The highest ranked game I lost was the Championship where I picked LSU with 25 confidence points. The next-highest I missed was 21 points when I underestimated ULL and they upset San Diego State all the way back on the first day of the bowl season.

My #1 overall confidence points pick was Baylor so I had many anxious moments in the thrilling Alamo Bowl. I also had big points on Michigan (28), Oregon (30), Oklahoma State (31), and Michigan State (26), so I sweated those games out, but was happy with the ultimate outcome.

I had a run of bad picks in confidence points 6-11, but in these games if you’re going to lose picks it’s important to not have many points on them which is how I finished with a high overall percentage even though I missed 12 picks. Hopefully next year I can miss even less.

It was cool to interact with all the different fan bases and see the passion they have for their college football teams. Congratulations to all the bowl-winners and their fan bases, and for those that didn’t win, hopefully you can pull it together next year.

Speaking of next year, here’s 3 early top 25’s for next year.

ESPN’s Mark Schlabach

CBS’s Brett McMurphy

College Gridiron 365

It’s obviously extremely early as all the writers acknowledge, but it’s shaping up to be another exciting college football season next year and already I’m looking forward to it.


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