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Super Bowl XLVI-Prop Picks

Anybody can guess who will win the Super Bowl. Picking a winner isn’t difficult. It’s a 50-50 shot, not that much skill involved. You could use a coin and call it a day. Answering 20 specific questions about the game, that however, truly shows how much you can prognosticate the pigskin properly.

To give you the opportunity to show your insight, this year ESPN rolled out its new prop picking game called Super Pickem. The premise is basic, as we explained here, so come over and join the Fantasy CPR group and show of your foreknowledge of Super Bowl 46.

I gave you my overall take on the game yesterday, and today we’re going to run through the 20 questions. My answers will be in bold.

1. Who will score first? New York vs New England

2. What will be the first scoring play of the game? Touchdown vs Field Goal or Safety

3. Which QB will throw for more passing yards in the first half? Eli Manning or tie vs Tom Brady

4. Which team will be leading at halftime? New York Giants or tie vs New England

5. Will Madonna play her song “Hung Up” during the halftime show? Yes vs No

6. Which WR will record mor receiving yards? Hakeem Nicks or tie vs Wes Welker

7. Will there be a defensive or special teams TD scored? Yes vs no

8. How many receiving yards will Victor Cruz have? 99 yards or fewer vs 100 yards or more

9. Will either team score 3 times in a row? (PAT’s don’t count) Yes vs No

10. Will there be a touchdown of 60 yards or more? Yes vs No

11. Which RB will have more rushing yards? Ahmad Bradshaw vs BenJarvus Green-Ellis or tie

12. How long will the longest FG be? 44 yards or fewer vs 45 yards or more

13. Will any quarter have 21 points (or more) scored? Yes 21+ points will be scored in a quarter vs no, 20 or less will be scored in each quarter

14. Will Eli Manning and Tom Brady both throw an interception? Yes they will both throw an INT vs No, one or neither of them will throw an INT

15. Will Rob Gronkowski catch a TD pass? Yes vs no

16. Which QB will throw for more passing yards in the game?  Eli Manning or tie vs Tom Brady

17. Will he game be tied at any point in the 4th quarter? Yes vs N0

18. Will there be a score in the last 2 minutes of the game? Yes vs No

19. Will the Super Bowl MVP be a QB? Yes  or no

20. Which team will win the Super Bowl? New Enlgand Patriots vs New York Giants

Can’t wait for kickoff. This should be a riveting and exciting game despite whatever picks you make. We’re just a few days away now from the premiere American sporting event of the year and New York and New England are both gettin’ ready and prepared to bring the game. Good luck with whatever pick, prop, or promotion you join and make sure whatever you do, Enjoy the Game!

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