December 23, 2012; Jacksonville, FL, USA; A Jacksonville fan holds up a sign referencing trading New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (not pictured) to the Jaguars during the second half of the game against the New England Patriots at EverBank Field. The Patriots defeated the Jaguars 23-16. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Where The Tebow show can end up in 2013?

Right after the thanksgiving game when coach Rex Ryan named Mark Sanchez starter in the following week we all knew the “Tebow Era” in New York was near its death. Even though Tebow has two years left on his contract in New York he will most likely ask to be traded… Tebow wants to start and not sit on the bench watching other people play. The only problem is that there are not many teams that would want Tim Tebow under center. Here a couple destinations where Tebow could land in the upcoming season.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The clear favorite where Tebow should go next year. He is from the area and he is a legend in University of Florida. When Manning went to Denver last year everyone thought he would end up as a Jaguar. Lucky for Tim, the Jags haven’t been able to put together anything this last couple years with no QB and what would be better then some Tebow Time. For some reasons, people don’t like Tebow, but if he were to go to JAX he would be a fan favorite right away.

Buffalo Bills

Whens the last time ESPN went to upstate New York? Buffalo has been a joke that last couple years not even putting up a fight for the division or even the wild card. Ryan Fitzpatrick is clearly not a long-term QB in Buffalo and what if the Bills new head coach might like the idea of having an athletic quarterback. He could bring Buffalo a fan base and make their offense and games more fun to watch. The Bills could become a top rushing team with Tebow at QB  since they have CJ.Spiller who clearly showed last year he is the real deal. Imagine the read option with them two!

Arizona Cardinals

People have been saying that Mark Sanchez could play in ARI but I feel that the other Jets QB has a better chance. Josh McDaniels is the OC of the Patriots and was formally on Denver’s coaching staff. If you re-unite Mcdaniels and Tebow and give him a REAL chance at the starting spot then well thats all Tebow is asking for someone that believes in him.

These are a few teams that could use some Tebow magic to spark them. Tebow should be able to get a chance anywhere he goes. He did well in Denver and basically made a 1-4 team and made them all better players and look where Denver is now…

Fellow NFL coaches, players and Owners: like ESPN analyst Skip Bayless always says “FREE TEBOW”

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