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Apr 10, 2013; Augusta, GA, USA; A general view of a flag with the Masters logo during a practice round for the 2013 The Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Jack Gruber-USA TODAY Sports

Streak for the Cash Picks, April 11 Stunt Day Breakdown

It’s stunt day on ESPN’s Streak for the Cash which means a ton of prop picks, plenty of opportunities to have picks going all day long, and ultimately somebody walks away with a cool 5K to whoever strings together the most greens today. Speaking of greens, things gets started with a bunch of picks from the 2013 Masters. The golfers are joined by the Europa League this afternoon, and then tonight the NCAA Frozen Four, the NHL, and the NBA finish out the schedule. There may be more picks added to the 28 listed below, and I’ll do my best to update this post or five you my picks on twitter (@FantasyCPR).

As usual for stunt days, I won’t be able to do full write-ups on the myriads of picks, but I’ll give you my rundown or how I’m leaning on each pick. The number after the pick is my confidence level on a scale of 1-10.

8:44-Any Other Score: 5

9:50-Par: 5

10:34-Any Other Score: 4

10:45-69 or Fewer: 5

11:15-Any Other Score: 6

11:49-Any Other Score: 5

12:00-Rubin Kazan win or Draw: 4

12:01- No Chelsea doesn’t score in the 1st half: 6

12:21- 11 or 12: 5

1:00- 68th minute or later or no goal: 6

1:25- Any Other Score: 6

2:00- Birdie: 5

2:36- Any Other Score: 7

3:05- FC Basel: 3

3:06-Any Other Number: 5

4:03-62nd Minute or later: 4

4:34-UMass-Lowell wins by 2+: 5

5:15-UMass-Lowell scores first: 6

6:05- 0 or 1 goal: 4

7:00- Philadelphia Flyers: 5

7:30-Pittsburgh Penguins: 8

7:30-Detroit Red Wings: 7

8:10-New York Knicks: 6

8:11-10 Points or More: 4

8:40-Bulls Free Throws Made: 7

9:30-Knicks first to 10 points: 3

10:00-49 points or more: 5

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