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College Football Week 6 results

Sunday through Friday, I am the perfect husband.  No really, I am.  You can ask the boss a.k.a. my wife.  I help with all of the household chores, walk the dogs, cook meals, all that good stuff that women love.  Come Saturday, my wife hates me.  This is MY day.  I become one with the couch.  Just another piece of immovable furniture.  I create my own game of Bladder-Bust since I fast forward through all of the commercials.  I am almost disappointed when I have to take time out to eat or get another beer.  Why am I interested in so many games?  Other than the fact that I love college football, here is why:  I was possessed by Jimmy The Greek and Lee Corso at the same time!  In all seriousness though, this is really why.

 I will give you a brief backstory, and a rundown as to how this all works.  Every week, I pick the winner of each division 1 vs. division 1 football game.  Big deal, right?  Here’s the catch:  I pick it against the spread.  I dont cop out on any game.  I tackle all of them. 

Here is a brief story to how all of this came about.  Many moons ago on The Sporting News blog site, a member did a post similar to this and invited audience participation to see if you could beat him over a full season.  I had so much fun with it that when TSN folded, I continued to do this every week on another site.  I have been at this for four-plus years now, and still get a lot of enjoyment out of this.  Even after picking thousands of games.

Since this it not an exact science, it is for entertainment purposes only.  If I care to put a wager on any of these, I will not be announcing it publicly.  I do put a “lock of the week” in each post, but even that is no lock.  Im 4-2 so far this year with those.  I am simply letting you know which way I would bet these if I were forced to.  I cannot be responsble for you losing your car, house, significant other, or limbs because of following my picks.  I am a simple man.  I cannot have that on my conscience.  I do these every week to put my pride at stake instead of my nest egg.  It gives you the same sense of excitement, yet pride is much easier to replenish than money. 

For this first post, I will give a very brief version of my picks from last week.  My pick will be in italics, the actual winner against the spread will be in bold.  Ones that are bold and italicized are the ones that I got right.  Coming into this week, I was 122-99 over the first five weeks, and I set a goal of a .550 percentage at the beginning of the season.  A lofty goal, to be sure, but one that I feel should be attainable. 

Here we go, the skin-and-bones version and results of last week’s picks:

Texas(-7.5) at Iowa State:  MISS!  Blown call(s) or not, Texas still wouldn’t have covered.

Western Kentucky(-7.5) at Louisiana-Monroe:  HIT!

UCLA(-6.5) at Utah:  HIT!  I was sweating this one for a while.

BYU(-6.5) at Utah State:  MISS!  Keaton getting hurt torpedoed the Aggies.

Nevada at San Jose State(-5.5):  MISS!

Air Force at Navy(-11.5):  MISS!  I really should have known better….

Maryland at Florida State(-15.5):  HIT!  This was never close….

Penn State(-3.5) at Indiana:  MISS!  Hey, the Hoosiers had never beaten Penn State before…..

Illinois at Nebraska(-9.5):  MISS!  Did Nebraska rent a defense for this game?

Louisville(-32.5) at Temple:  MISS!  So much for style points…..

Ball State at Virginia(-5.5):  MISS!  Return of the MAC!  UVA taking down BYU clouded my judgment.

Eastern Michigan at Buffalo(-13.5):  HIT!

Michigan State at Iowa(-1.5):  HIT!

Texas Tech(-17.5) at Kansas:  HIT!  This one also had me nervous for a half or so.  This was the lock of the week for last week.

Rutgers(-4.5) at SMU:  MISS!  Way to go Rutgers, allowing 21 unanswered in the fourth quarter to put this into OT.

Georgia State at Alabama(-55.5):  HIT!  Im glad the Tide coasted for the last 35 minutes…..

North Carolina at Virginia Tech(-7.5):  HIT!

Army at Boston College(-11.5):  HIT!

Central Michigan(-3.5) at Miami(OH):  HIT!

South Alabama at Troy(-3.5):  HIT!

UTSA at Marshall(-14.5):  MISS!

Ohio(-5.5) at Akron:  MISS!  Hey, the Zips did hang with Michigan.  Guess that isn’t worth much….

Florida Atlantic at UAB(-4.5):  HIT!

Western Michigan at Toledo(-21.5):  HIT!

Minnesota at Michigan(-20.5):  MISS!  Sure, now the Wolvies decided to show up….

North Carolina State(-8.5) at Wake Forest:  MISS!  Didn’t see that one coming….

Clemson(-13.5) at Syracuse:  HIT!

Massachusetts at Bowling Green(-25.5):  MISS!  Those damn late touchdowns…..get you every time.

Kansas State at Oklahoma State(-14.5):  HIT!

Rice at Tulsa(-3.5):  HIT!

Northern Illinois(-10.5) at Kent State:  HIT!

Georgia Tech at Miami(FL)(-5.5):  HIT!

East Carolina(-7.5) at Middle Tennessee State:  MISS!  Stupid halves…..

Georgia(-10.5) at Tennessee: MISS!

North Texas at Tulane(-2.5):  MISS!

Washington State(-1.5) at California:  HIT!

Florida International at Southern Misssissippi(-17.5):  HIT!

Central Florida(-9.5) at Memphis:  MISS!

Fresno State(-27.5) at Idaho:  HIT!

Oregon(-39.5) at Colorado:  HIT!

Mississippi(-2.5) at Auburn:  MISS!

Arkansas at Florida(-11.5):  HIT!

Cincinnati(-11.5) at South Florida:  MISS!  I honestly didnt think the Bulls would win a game…..

TCU at Oklahoma(-10.5):  MISS!  I really should have known better.

New Mexico State at New Mexico(-9.5):  HIT!

Texas State at Louisiana-Lafayette(-10.5):  MISS!

LSU(-9.5) at Mississippi State:  HIT!

Arizona State(-5.5) vs Notre Dame at Jerry World:  MISS!

Missouri at Vanderbilt(-1.5):  MISS!

Kentucky at  South Carolina(-21.5):  MISS!

Louisana Tech at UTEP(EVEN):  HIT!

Ohio State(-7.5) at Northwestern:  MISS!  Why oh why did you fools have to lateral and fumble into your own end zone on the last play of the game???

West Virginia at Baylor(-28.5):  MISS!  I really should have known better here too…..

Washington at Stanford(-7.5):  HIT!

San Jose State(-4.5) at Hawaii:  MISS!  Hey, the Warriors hadn’t been covered at home yet!

So my grand total was 27-28 for the week to put my season total at 149-127.   This will be the format for the result posts.  The original prediction post will be similar, except I will go a little more into details on why I pick the way I do.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy picking!

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