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7 Fantasy Basketball Questions From Around the World

7 Fantasy Basketball Questions From Around the World will run every Wednesday.  If you have a question for me, email me at [email protected], leave a question in the comment section below this article, or contact me via facebook.  I am Alpine Fantasy Basketball.

1.  Our first question comes from Milt from Boise, Idaho.  Alpine, I sure love Kobe this year.  No more Dwight clogging up the lane and slowing everything down.  Once he gets healthy, I think he will be top notch.  When do I draft him?

Milt, I love that hip, throwback name.  I currently have Kobe at #19, but there is still no timeline on his return.  I draft on Friday night, so I hope there is news before then.  Kobe loves the spotlight, so I expect a grand entrance at the beginning of the year.  If he is ready to go from Day 1, I’d take him from picks 13-16.  He should be less efficient this year, and he’s only getting older.  That range sounds about right.

2.  Johnny Stones from Spokane, Washington asks…Alpine, my fantasy football team is absolutely atrocious.  I decided to draft all of the sexy picks (Kaepernick, David Wilson, & CJ Spiller) this season.  I am 0-5 and I don’t see how I can right this ship.  With basketball season creeping up, how do I avoid doing this in my fantasy basketball league? 

Stones, without delving too much into the football realm, cut ties with Wilson, Kaepernick should come around, and it looks like a class timeshare in Buffalo.  Sexy is risky.  It can pay off big, but it is inevitable that a few picks will disappoint.  Read my article called Sleeper Sophistication, and draft at your own risk.

3.  Felipe from Barcelona asks…With Kobe Bryant out indefinitely, what are your thoughts this season on my favorite player of all time Pau Gasol? 

I love Gasol this year.  He is likely playing for his last contract at age 33.  Gasol is the major beneficiary of Dwight’s departure.  If he can remain healthy, he will outperform his draft position.  He might start slowly because he hasn’t played much basketball in the offseason, so stay patient.  I would consider him a good 3rd round pick if you can land him there.  People are underestimating him this year.

4.  Jean-Pierre from Quebec asks, Pine…boxers or briefs?  I sometimes have problems with chafing.

Jean, we’ve all been there.  There is no need to be ashamed.  I hear that Canadian chafe is the worst.  I’d go with a pair of boxer-briefs and a hand full of baby powder in the morning and at night.  If that doesn’t work, apply shea or cocoa butter liberally minus the powder.  That should do the trick, chief.

5.  Vladimir from Kiev, Ukraine asks…With Westbrook out 4-6 weeks, is there no doubt in your mind that you would draft Durant over the King this season? 

Vladimir, there is not one cell of doubt.  Durant is your man at #1!  If LeBron increases his free throw percentage to 81%, we will debate it next year.  I wrote about it extensively here.

6.  Trevor from Poughkeepsie, New York writes…Pine, I love your articles.  I’m a big fan of snagging rookies late in the draft.  Be a peach, and throw me a couple names that will get my fantasy basketball season cranked up. 

This year’s rookie crop looks pretty thin.  Here are my favorites in order:  Victor Oladipo, Michael Carter-Williams, Kelly Olynyk, Cody Zeller, and Trey Burke (injured).

7.  Avery from Amarillo, TX shot me an email early Monday morning that made my day.  Alpine, I am driving through your home state of Louisiana.  It’s a beautiful place, I am stopping in Baton Rouge to get some lunch.  I am a huge fan of your articles and Chinese food, any suggestions?

Get off on college drive, and go straight to “The Great Wall.”  Tell Jon that Alpine sent you, and he will treat you right.  It’s the place where quantity meets quality.  Make sure you get the green beans.

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