Fantasy Feedback - I'm Taking Your Questions (Oct. 23, 2013)

Fantasy Feedback – I’m Taking Your Questions (Oct. 23, 2013)

1. DonQuarius from Omaha, Nebraska writes…Alpine, Let’s see how good you really are.  Where would you pick Andrew Wiggins next year?

Wow!  Can I at least see the guy play a college game?  It really depends on what team gets him.  I’d say the 76er’s have the best shot.  If he lands in Philadelphia, I’ll say #51.

2. Nene (my good friend and league member) from Lake Charles, LA writes…Pine, I have a trading problem.  All I think about and want to do is trade players.  Is this compulsion harmful?

The Grass-Is-Always-Greener Syndrome is a harmless disease that is found in 2% of the fantasy sports’ population.  It sounds like you are part of the rare group.  I would recommend counseling or hypnosis, but don’t waste your money.  Your case is the worst I’ve seen.  Try to cope with your urges, and stop threatening people when they don’t want to trade with you.

3. Nii asks…So in my H2H league, I’m the 9th pick, and I am planning on using my second pick on Dwight Howard. I initially planned on taking Kyrie or D-Rose first, but I know from interactions that they won’t be there during my pick. So I expect the players off the board by then will be (Durant, LeBron, CP3, D-Rose, Curry, Love, Harden, Kyrie). Taking that into consideration, who would you take in my round? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would opt for Paul George over Kyrie and D-Rose any day of the week.  Paul has the SG and SF eligibility which are the most valuable positions in fantasy this year.  I wouldn’t pick Dwight in the 2nd round because you could quite possibly land Anthony Davis, Al Horford, LaMarcus Aldridge, Batum, or Al Jefferson.  If Dwight is available in the 3rd, I’ll endorse it.  Also, keep in mind that good PG’s will be available throughout the draft, so don’t panic on that position.

4. Brian writes…15 team, $120 roto keeper league.
Keeping Drummond $1 and 2nd keeper I can choose between Jeff Green $7 or Klay Thompson $9. Is Green worth rolling the dice on, or do I go with the more reliable Klay?

Brian, that’s a tough one.  Green is 27 yrs. old, and Klay is 23.  Green will always be in jeopardy of missing time due to health concerns, but his short-term potential is definitely higher than Thompson’s.  Klay’s upside has been crushed by Iguodala’s arrival.  I’d say the short-term approach is to nab Green, but the long-term bet is Klay.  It depends on your personal preference.

5. Slim Jim from Houston, TX asks…Alpine, I’m in an auction-type league, and I’m looking to make some bold moves this season.  It looks like Derrick Rose is back in action.  While he’s been a great player in the past, should I dump the lion’s share of my fantasy cash on an all-star question mark?

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Auction drafts are tough but thrilling.  Rose will attract a lot of attention in every fantasy league because he is one of the big stories of the 2013-2014 NBA season.  I wouldn’t bother getting in on that bidding war when there are a ton of point guards to be had later in the draft for pennies on the dollar.  However, it depends how many starters your league allows you to play per night.  If it is over 6, save your money, and buy a solid, deep team.  If it is 6 or less, you will have to splurge for a big name at some point.  I just wouldn’t pour the bulk of my funds on a point guard this year.

Remember, every Wednesday will feature your questions.  Write me at [email protected], in the comments section below, or facebook.  I’m Alpine Fantasy Basketball.  Happy drafting this weekend!


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