Start 'Em, Sit 'Em Week 8

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New England Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady
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Tom Brady- Brady appears to be somewhat of a mess this season and a majority of fantasy owners like to blame his weak receiving core at the beginning of the season. Tom Brady is an all-star, franchise, and GOAT (Greatest of All Time) potential QB. This week the New England Patriots QB faces a Miami secondary that poses very little threat to his numbers and their TE coverage is currently the second worst in the NFL. Though they have stopped a TE from reaching the endzone in their past 2 games it couldn’t have been too hard against Dallas Clark or Scott Chandler. Tom Brady will look to fix all of the accuracy errors he dealt with last week on his passes to Rob Gronkowski. Brady has potential to be the number one fantasy scorer at his position this week and I don’t think you can afford not to start him.

**Fun fact** (Tom Brady has scored 39 TDs in 22 games with Dolphins in his career)

Eli Manning- Eli Manning and his NYG squad earned their first win against a weak Minnesota secondary on Monday and he had his first game of the season without an interception. Hooray, Eli! This shouldn’t even be a stat I need to mention going into week 8 of the NFL considering the fact that he is a two-time SuperBowl winner. Besides all of that, Manning will be rematching a struggling Eagles secondary that allowed him 334 yards and two TDs. Now that Manning appears to be done adding to that 15 interception count I believe this will be his best game of the season. He is a must-start in every league.


Terrelle Pryor- After a whopping 3 interceptions and barely 200 yards against the Kansas City Chiefs in week six everyone started questioning QB Terrelle Pryor. Okay, give the guy some slack. He played the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS! They are dominating the league defensively right now and don’t allow any QB to produce much offense any week. However, after defending Pryor I have to throw him under the bus this week as he plays against the Pittsburgh Steelers incredible defense as well. Poor guy can’t catch a break. The Steelers have allowed only five total TD passes this season and I don’t expect that number to hit seven or possibly even 6 this week! Pryor needs to hit your bench this week unless of course you are forced to play him in that awkward 2 QB league.

Ryan Tannehill- Last week the Miami Dolphins took on the Bills in Miami and lost, sadly. Although Tannehill threw up three TD passes there wasn’t much else to write home about. Two interceptions, a fumble, and not even 200 yards! As my man Stephen A. Smith often says, “That’s just blasphemous!”. Tannehill has shaped up to be somewhat of the QB the Dolphins franchise needs but it won’t be that way for long if he continues to have games like the one against the Bills. This week he goes up against an even tougher match-up on the road in New England. The Patriots currently rank 8th against opposing QBs and if Aqib Talib returns on time for Sunday’s game you can expect Tannehill to lost Mike Wallace as a permanent threat down the field. I think it’s already to safe to write this one in the books as a loss for Miami but you can never be 100% with football. Regardless, you do NOT start Ryan Tannehill this week. Not even if you are 12-14 people deep.

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