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Week 2 Fantasy Basketball Forecast

Week 1 of the 2013-2014 was adventurous.  Although there were some HUGE lines, most players seemed to be coated with summer rust.  Navigate carefully because the first few weeks are bumpy.  Don’t make any big, emotional mistakes.  I’ll try to help you keep your cool in this week’s fantasy basketball forecast.

Teams that play 4 games:

Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Golden St., Houston, Indiana, Clippers, Lakers, Minnesota, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, Toronto, Utah

Teams that play 2 games:

Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee

Borderline players to be patient with:

Reggie Jackson – Westbrook returned, but let’s see what role Reggie carves out before we drop him.  Their schedule is great, so he plays on many odd nights.

Greivis Vasquez – Greivis and Isaiah are partners at the PG, but 27 minutes per game isn’t too shabby in a time share.  Give it a few more games before you dethrone this King.

DeMarre Carroll – He should receive the adequate minutes and chip in just enough in each category to remain on your roster.

JaVale McGee – Brian Shaw is starting to feel what George Karl has felt for years.  I think the 1st year coaching pressure will get to him, and he will have to play this multimillion dollar underperformer.

Jonas Valanciunas – He is stinking it up right now, but he is Toronto’s only prized possession.  The Raptors might blow up their roster, and then, you will see Jonas blow up as well.

Jose Calderon – He can’t hit the broad side of a barn right now, but he will gravitate towards his career averages as the season progresses.

Anderson Varejao – He simply hasn’t played much basketball over the last year.  Stay patient.

Borderline players to potentially drop:

Steve Nash – Cut ties, and don’t look back.  This is a roller coaster that you don’t want to ride.

Metta World Peace – It’s more of the same from Metta.  Pick up someone with some decent potential rather than chase the elusive World Peace.

Derrick Williams – It’s a classic time share with no end in sight.  Budinger will return soon to complicate this logjam.

Robin Lopez – Robin is the ultimate roll of the dice.  He is extremely hot or ice cold.  It’s a guessing game on what player you are going to get.  I’d rather fish in the pickup ocean because he makes me sea-sick.

Jared Dudley – There is so much competition at the SG and SF spots on the Clipper roster.  Barnes, Crawford, Dudley, and Reddick all command minutes.  There are simply not enough to go around, and Dudley is feeling the pinch.

Nick Young – Abandon ship!  If he can’t produce without Kobe, throw him in the lake.  He wants to be 6th man of the year, but his game isn’t exactly fantasy-friendly.

Markieff Morris – I just dropped him in my league.  I hope I didn’t jump the gun.  Things looked so promising after the Gortat trade…Oh well!

Kevin Seraphin – If the Gortat trade didn’t happen, he would probably be flourishing.  Washington wanted to win now, and they might pay for that goal in the future.

Tiago Splitter – Why did the Spurs pay so much for him?  That answer is beyond my analysis.  Pick him up when Duncan sits.  Otherwise, prepare to be unimpressed.

I’m still working on my original player rater idea.  It’s quite the undertaking, so be patient with me.  In the next article, we will take a look at some sell-high and buy low candidates.  See you soon!

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