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Sell Them While They Are Hot!

Sell High Candidates

Michael Carter-Williams – You cannot deny his talent, but this season will be marred with inconsistency.  With his historical debut game fresh on owners’ minds, deal him for a more reliable threat.

Klay Thompson – Klay is as streaky as they come.  He just happened to start the season on fire, so look to deal him before the fire department arrives.

Trevor Ariza – He came out of nowhere.  You probably got him for cheap, so exchange the gift for a profit.

Kevin Martin – There is no doubt that K-Mart will score, but the rest of his averages do not seem sustainable when taking a look at his career numbers.

Carlos Boozer – Boozer is benefitting from Noah’s lack of production and a summer where he busted his butt.  He is fighting to keep that massive contract, but unless this is your first year in fantasy hoops, you know about Boozer’s shortcomings.  Send him on his way before it is too late.

Brook Lopez – If you can trade Brook for a true fantasy star, you better do it while he is averaging 21 points per game, 59% from the floor, 80% from the line, and 3 blocks.

Chris Paul – I do think he will finish in the Top 4, but this tear has been absolutely ridiculous.  Doc is definitely more CP3-friendly than Vinny Del, but his averages are in the crazy territory.  I am going to the Rockets/Clippers game on Saturday night for my son Damon’s birthday, so I’ll get to check out this fantasy machine in person.  Can’t wait!

Evan Turner – I love Turner this year and regret not pulling the trigger a little earlier on draft night, but his present averages are a little too good to be true.  Most owners will be hesitant on Turner, but you never know.  Test the trade waters.

Shawn Marion – Is the old Matrix back?  Nahhh…it’s just a short-term hot phase.  He would make a great throw-in to sweeten the deal for a star.

Kyle Korver – Kyle is lighting it up right now.  If you have followed my work, you know that I’m a fantasy fan of the entire Hawks team.  However, Kyle is currently #10 on the player rater.  That won’t last long.

Let me hear from you at [email protected].  I just replied to my first fan from Greece.  Thanks for reading, Giorgos!

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