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Going Fishing for Underperformers

It’s an exhilarating time.  Box score scrolling, constant trade texting, habitual TV viewing…you know what I’m talking about.  If you are married and have survived a few fantasy basketball seasons, your odds of co-existing with your spouse until the end of time increases by 24%.  I don’t have any data to back up that claim, but it sounds about right.  Thanks Crystal for pretending to care about my team and players all of these years.

Here are a few random thoughts on a number of players.  If you have any questions, let me hear from you at [email protected].  Also, get article updates on Twitter @fantasycpr.

1.  I’m flying high at the moment because I own Anthony Davis and Kevin Love (a wife favorite because of his last name.)  My team consists of 6 stars and 6 borderline plays.  That’s just the way I like it.  If you choose to mimic my strategy, you must pay close attention to your waiver wire, and act quickly.  I hope you didn’t drop Markieff Morris like I did.  I always make one bad mistake per year.  It’s inevitable.  I’m still not over it.

2.  If you haven’t checked out my Buy Low list or my Sell High group, do so.  Some guys are already beginning to blossom, (Gordon Hayward, Thaddeus Young, Kawhi Leonard, Derrick Favors, Serge Ibaka, Kyrie Irving) so you must act promptly.  I will try to write about this topic frequently throughout the season.  Here are a few more players to consider.

Buy Low Additions – Underperformers as of 11-12-13

Jimmy Butler – He will be in the top 15 inminutes played for the season.  He isn’t scoring much lately, so his owner might be willing to let him go on the cheap-side.  Butler contributes in every category and will finish in the Top 50.  Get him while you can.

Marc Gasol – He’s picked it up a bit, but he isn’t living up to his 1st round status.  I’d send a feeler trade out to see where his owner stands.  You might be able to pick him up at 2nd or 3rd round value right now.

Bradley Beal – Beal has increased his output as well, but consistency has always been his Achilles heel.  His potential is through the roof, and I believe he will be a standard 3rd round pick next year.  Test the waters, and try to snag Bradley.

Kemba Walker – Kemba has been a minor disappointment so far.  However, Big Al just returned, and it might take him a while to adjust to an actual post presence in Charlotte.  Jefferson should take a little scoring pressure off of Kemba, so you have to believe the 38% from the field will increase.

Deron Williams – I tried to convince you not to draft him here.  If you listened the first time, listen again.  Try to acquire him on sale.  His owner will probably be reluctant to let him go after spending a 2nd round pick on him, but you never know.  Send a low-ball offer to find out.

Pau Gasol – Pau might never get back to his glory days, but Kobe is on the way.  Kobe will help Gasol tremendously, so get him while he’s cold.

I’m still working on my major fantasy basketball hypothesis, so remain patient with me.

Stay focused and patient.  It is a long season, so the odds say you are not in the Top 4 in your league.  Big deal!  Keep grinding, and try to progress.  If you haven’t read The Fantasy Basketball Trading Bible, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3, you must improve your team by trading.  It is your only hope.  See you Friday.


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