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Fantasy Basketball - Sprint to the Wire!

Sprint to the Wire!

I wish I played in a league where the waiver wire was a lush oasis of talent.  Instead, it’s a harsh desert where water only comes in the form of injuries to a starting player.  However, if you play in a fantasy basketball league where these guys are available, do not pass go, hold your urine in that bulging bladder, run to your electronic preference, and pick them up quickly! 

Jimmy Butler – Did everyone forget how great Jimmy played in last year’s playoffs?  Unless you have been under a gigantic rock, you know that D-Rose is out for the season yet again.  Why is Butler only owned in half of the leagues in the world?  Although Jimmy is out for another week or two, he is a must-own player.  I own him, and I didn’t even think about dropping him with a healthy Rose.  Now, he is top 40 material with the wind at his back.  Get him, and thank me later.

Martell Webster and Trevor Ariza – Ariza is back from his hamstring injury, and Martell (owned in less than half of the leagues as well) has been thrown into the starting lineup because of Beal’s stress fracture.  Beal is leading the league in minutes, so these two men will soak up Beal’s 40 like a dry sponge.  You can jump off of this train after two weeks, but until then, enjoy the ride. 

Jonas Valanciunas – I am going to endorse Jonas for the long haul.  I own him, so I understand your motion sickness.  He has too much talent to remain this bad.  His minutes are starting to increase due to internal and external pressure on Coach Casey, and the Raptors could trade everyone at any time.  Jonas will be the lone dinosaur if this happens.  Has any team ever had success with the SG and SF shooting every time down the floor?  Oh yeah…the Bulls!   I don’t think DeMar and Rudy are anywhere close to Michael and Scottie, so this scene will not end pretty in Toronto.  It’s hard to believe that Samuel Dalembert is outperforming Jonas, but it’s happening.  If he’s available in your league, I think he is a good stash candidate until he shows some signs of life.

Josh McRoberts – He is owned in less than 10% of the league while averaging 9 points, 5.4 rebounds, 4.5 assists, 0.9 steals, 0.6 blocks, and 1.6 three’s from the PF slot.  He is probably a frequent add/drop guy in your league, but think about making him a mainstay. 

Patrick Beverley – Beverley is owned in less than 20% of the leagues but is putting up top 95 value.  He has a well-balanced line, and the Rockets have a favorable schedule.  If you need PG help, look no further.

Trey Burke – Burke is still available in 1 out of every 4 leagues.  If you happen to be the lucky one, grab him.  He is Utah’s only hope at PG, and he has flashed some fantasy potential in his limited time on the court.  He has improved each game since his return, and the sky is the limit for the collegiate player of the year.

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