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A Closer Look at My Team and Anthony Davis


A Closer Look at My Team 

After attending the Pelicans/Mavericks game last night in New Orleans, I have some firsthand insight.  Go get Al-Farouq Aminu right now!  With Anthony Davis out for 4-6 weeks, Aminu is the only true rebounding and defensive presence on the team.  Jason Smith and Ryan Anderson are not too athletic, so Aminu will draw the tough covers each night at random positions.  He will receive at least 35 minutes a game out of pure defensive necessity.  On the other hand, I can’t wholeheartedly endorse Samuel Dalembert anymore.  He is softer than a Cashmere blanket.  With Brandon Wright’s return looming and DeJuan Blair now starting, opportunity looks bleak for the underachieving Dalembert. 

Speaking of Anthony Davis, DO NOT DROP HIM!  I cannot believe that some people are dumping the #1 fantasy basketball player on Earth when he will only miss roughly 15-20 games.  Now, some people have asked me about J.J. Reddick, and I have told everyone to drop him for a hot waiver option.  If you need a second opinion on anything fantasy basketball related, write me at [email protected].

Here is a look at my team in a head-to-head 12 man league with 14 roster spots…

Anthony Davis – I am just coming out of my depression after a bottle of Lexapro.

Kevin Love – Love is in a mini-funk.  He is only shooting 38% in the last 5 games.  The other stats are there, but the field goal percentage is a definite drag.

Al Horford – I just traded Eric Bledsoe and Terrence Jones for Al Horford and Kyle Korver.  The timing was perfect because Anthony Davis got hurt the very next game. 

Mike Conley – Conley is as solid as they come.  He has only missed 5 games in the last 5 seasons. 

Andre Iguodala – He looks wonderful in Golden State.  Don’t Call Me Iggy followed Jimmy Butler as my second GF injury victim.

Jimmy Butler – I cannot wait until his return.  D-Rose impacted Butler’s stats, so with no Rose, Jimmy can get back to his old ways.

Kyle Lowry – Kyle is cruising along with Top 40 value.  For the first time in years, he has no competition at the PG slot.  Enjoy the ride.

Kyle Korver – Welcome back, Kyle!  I’m desperate for healthy GF’s.  I believe he will set the record tomorrow night.

Channing Frye – I thought his recent surge was due to Bledsoe’s absence, but Channing continues to put up a well-balanced line with plenty of 3’s from the PF/C slot.  Grab him if he is available in your league.  At the beginning of the year, I predicted Markieff to be the frontcourt sleeper for the Suns, but I meant to say Channing.

Jonas Valanciunas – He has shown flashes of brilliance, but he remains a strict stash option at this stage.  When he gets the minutes, the numbers are there.  Coach Casey is stubbornly reluctant to fully commit to Jonas.  Remain patient.

Al-Farouq Aminu – I wish I could keep him for the full 4-6 weeks, but I am naturally aggressive on the wire.  Read the first paragraph again for a more in-depth look at Aminu.

Hinrich and Dunleavy – Did I mention that I can’t wait for Butler to return?  The Bulls keep playing on all of the right nights.  I’ll abandon Dunleavy before Hinrich.

I am currently in first place, but the injuries are hard to endure.  Let me hear from you at [email protected].  Twitter @fantasycpr

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