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Buy Low Candidates (12-13-13)

Buy Low Candidates  (The Friday the 13th Edition)

When I produce these Buy Low lists, I try to look at a players’ production over the last 8-10 games.  Their owners are starting to get impatient and might want to explore a different lineup.  Take advantage of an intolerant league member quickly because these potential stars might turn things around rapidly.

Joakim Noah – Does everyone remember the Noah from last year?  Well, D-Rose is out again, and the offense has changed.  He has been a bit inconsistent lately, but he should find his stride as his health improves.

Al Horford – Al is in a bit of a slump.  As I have written about previously, Horford was #6 on Basketball Monster’s player rater in the last half of the 2012-2013 season.  Nab him before the hot streak.

David Lee – I called this one perfectly at the beginning of the year.  Someone had to be squeezed in Golden State.  I predicted Klay Thompson and David Lee would both decrease in production, but Klay is proving me wrong because he actually improved as a player.  Lee is simply suffering from too many players around him.  However, if Bogut goes down, Lee would receive a giant boost.  If you had to bet on a Bogut injury, how much would you wager?

Mike Conley – Mr. Dependable is missing Marc Gasol and Tony Allen.  The Grizzlies are thin at the moment, and Conley’s assists and steals have taken a hit.  He is about to get his partners back, so he should return to top 25 form.

Gordon Hayward – Hayward admitted that he is a slow starter.  However, if his field goal percentage is not factored in, he goes from #97 to #51 on the player rater.  Once he finds his stroke, Gordon will be a legit SG/SF starting option.

George Hill – Hill quietly contributes across the board.  He is still shooting poorly but should improve.  An owner might be willing to part ways for next to nothing, so try to land him as a throw-in.

Josh Smith – I was reluctant to throw his name in here because people are not willing to let his big name go on the cheap.  Smith’s production is poor at best.  He is heaving 3’s and finding ways to stay out of the paint, and his fantasy game is suffering.  Don’t pay a high price for him, but his owner’s patience has to be wearing thin.

Jimmy Butler – I keep talking about him, but some of you are just flat-out stubborn.  For the last time, PICK HIM UP!  If you can get him as a throw-in, do so.  He’s about to quietly explode.

Kyrie Irving – The same psychological component applies to Smith and Irving.  Someone spent a high pick to get both of them, and it’s hard to overcome that sense of waste with only a quarter of the season gone.

Jeff Teague – Teague is as cold as Santa’s chestnuts right now.  The Christmas fires will hopefully warm him up.  Buy low!

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