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Buy Low / Sell High Fantasy Basketball List

Buy Low / Sell High   1-9-14   

In the past, I’ve written about how fantasy basketball is much like the stock market.  Players peak and underperform throughout the season like every publicly traded companies’ shares.  The real trick is spotting players that you know are poised to turning it around because their circumstances haven’t changed much.  On the contrary, you must trade players that you know are producing at a level that cannot be sustained.  Obsessive traders like my friend, Nene, will try to buy low and sell high on a single player multiple times throughout the year.  He’s more of a trader rather than a long-term investor.  Most owners are more comfortable with a one-time transaction, but if you can stomach the increased pace, break a leg.

Buy Low

Anthony Davis – If you don’t own him, you might not have noticed that AD is in a slump at the free throw line.  An owner that might have shut you down quickly at the beginning of the year might be willing to talk about dealing The Brow.  Do what you have to do to acquire him.  He’s a rare talent that might be picked in the top 3 for 12+ years.

Paul George – I’m throwing around some big names, but stars win championships in fantasy hoops.  You can’t get around the fact that their production is worth 2 people at times.  George has been shooting poorly lately, and it seems to have affected the rest of his game.  Approach his owner with aggression.

Monta Ellis – Monta is returning to his Milwaukee form which means high turnovers and poor shooting.  Teams are starting to play the Mavs and Monta differently on defense, but he is still better than his recent outings.

Andre Drummond – He is going to be the new drafting nightmare.  Shaq and Dwight paved the way for the clunker of the century.  In the last month, Drummond is ranked #107 on Basketball Monster’s Player Rankings but #22 when free throws are ditched.  You might be able to pry him away for pennies on the dollar, but Detroit’s schedule isn’t too desirable the rest of the way.

Sell High

Thaddeus Young – Young is a very gifted athlete, but let’s not forget his lackluster start.  He is a very streaky player, and his stock has never been higher.  If you can get a top 15 player that suits your team’s needs, take it.  In addition, Thad’s name has surfaced in numerous trade rumors, and he won’t land anywhere as fantasy-friendly as Philly.

Kyrie Irving – This sounds like an odd addition, but Kyrie has been a legit 1st rounder in his past 15 games.  If you can convince an owner that Kyrie is back to his 1st round status, take a stab at another superstar.  Perhaps Luol will provide a few extra assists for Kyrie, but I don’t think you will see any more 40 point explosions from the injury-prone guard.  If he strings a few good games together, I’d send out a few feeler trades.

Tim Duncan – Timmy D is starting to play some solid ball at the ripe, old age of 37.  If you can find a gullible member, send Tim on his way.  In the last month, Duncan has played 31 minutes a game and will continue to see an increased run with Tiago on the shelf.  However, as the postseason approaches, those minutes will decrease, and he will receive the Dwyane Wade treatment from Greg Popovich.

Blake Griffin – He is finally collecting statistics that equal his talent level.  However, in the past 10 games, he is shooting 78% from the charity stripe.  Do you think that is sustainable?  Yeah…me either.  Paul’s absence might downgrade Griffin ever-so-slightly, but owners might be willing to pay up for the well-hyped freak of nature.

Brandon Knight – I’m very tempted to type…Larry Drew – Enough said!  Knight has averaged 21.7 points on 47% from the field and 79% from the line, 1.8 three’s, 5.3 rebounds, 5.8 assists, and 1.4 steals in the past 10 games.  It’s pretty safe to say that he’s the only thing hot in Milwaukee.

Goran Dragic – He explodes when Bledsoe is out.  Other less-informed owners might not know that.  Therefore, his averages are quite inflated.  Goran’s 2 position eligibility is a hot commodity, so a league member might be willing to pay the piper for the slippery Slovenian star.  My boy, Johnny Stones, just dealt Thad and Goran for Melo and Jameer.  He had plenty of PG depth, so this was a great move.  Even if Melo doesn’t gel with his squad, Melo is taken much more seriously than Young in future trade discussions.

My playoff article will surface next week.  I want to put some finishing touches on it.  In the meantime, let me hear from you at [email protected].  Twitter @fantasycpr

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