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Fantasy Basketball: Trading for Miami Heat star Chris Bosh could be a winning move

Chris Bosh

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Since arriving in Miami, Chris Bosh has been somewhat overlooked.  His importance to the Heat on the court is often undervalued, as are his contributions to the virtual hardwood in fantasy hoops.  With most fantasy leagues’ trade deadline rapidly approaching, the time to start wheelin’ and dealin’ is now and Chris Bosh is a guy who should be at the top of your wish lists.

LeBron James gets the bulk of the column space devoted to him down on South Beach — and rightfully so — but it’s Chris Bosh who is perhaps the most vital cog in the Heat’s quest for a three-peat.  With Miami painfully thin up front, Bosh is relied upon to play out of position at center and be the go-to player in the paint.

What does this mean for fantasy?  It means that Bosh is going to get all the touches he can handle down low.

By now, we all know of the health struggles that have befallen Dwyane Wade and he has all the reliability of a Ford Edsel.  And James has sat out games in the fantasy playoffs for the last few seasons.  He sat out six of the last 10 games for the Heat last season and missed three of the final four in 2011-12.  This could mean a boost for Bosh, similar to the role he was playing when he was the franchise player in Toronto.

Looking at his play this year, he doesn’t need LeBron to sit to have a big night.  His PER is the highest it’s been since he’s been in Miami (20.1) and his usage rate has remained over 22 in all four years down south.

He has also developed his three-point game this season, taking 2.5 shots from deep this season, way up on his career average of 0.5.  He’s making 0.8 three-pointers per contest, to go along with 16.9 points, 6.8 rebounds, 0.9 steals and 1.0 blocks.

As you can see, Bosh is perilously close to joining the exclusive 1+1+1 (steal/block/three-pointer) club that is currently frequented by only two NBA players — Danny Green and Wesley Johnson.

Another factor that could play into a big second half for Bosh is the Heat’s schedule.  Miami plays four games every week for the last six weeks of the season, coinciding perfectly with the fantasy playoffs.

Don’t be surprised to see Bosh increase his seasonal averages over the next two months and that makes him a prime trade candidate.

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