NCAA Tournament Bracketology 2014: Pac-12, SEC and WCC

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Welcome to Part Two of my series focusing on college basketball teams heading to the 2014 NCAA Tournament.  This cheat sheet will give you all the relevant numbers that you need to know when picking your brackets.

I’ve already released my first piece, which covered the American, Atlantic 10, ACC, and Big 12, and then a second piece previewing the Big East, Big Ten, C-USA, and Mountain West Conferences.

This installment will feature the Pac-12, SEC and West Coast Conferences.  Log on to Fantasy CPR on Sunday as I breakdown my final predictions.

One thing to note about this and further installments is that I hold teams from “major” conferences to a higher standard.  Any loss to a team with an RPI under 100 is a bad loss.  Quality wins are against teams RPI 60 or above at home, and 75 and above for road or neutral site games.

This part deals with those conference that will have more than one bid, but less than the major conferences.

Let’s keep dancing…


(RPI is in parentheses)


Regular Season Champion: Arizona

Projected Bids: 6

Arizona (29-3, RPI 1, SOS 4)

vs. RPI top 50: 10-2

vs. RPI under 200: 4-0

Quality wins: at (13) San Diego State, vs. (9) Duke at New York, at (10) Michigan, at (19) UCLA, vs. (42) Arizona State, vs. (31) Colorado, at (40) Stanford, vs. (28) Oregon, at (31) Colorado, vs. (40) Stanford, vs. (31) Colorado at Las Vegas

Bad losses: NONE

Projected seed: 1

The Wildcats have had an impressive season, with all three losses on the road and within the conference.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the top overall seed in the tournament, regardless of what happens in the Pac-12 tourney.  You certainly can’t say that they haven’t earned it.


UCLA (24-8, RPI 19, SOS 26)

vs. RPI top 50: 6-5

vs RPI under 200: 3-1

Quality wins: vs. (42) Arizona State, at (31) Colorado, vs. (40) Stanford, at (28) Oregon, vs. (31) Colorado, at (62) California, vs. (28) Oregon at Las Vegas

Bad losses: at (220) Washington State

Projected Seed: 7

The loss to Washington State knocked them down a couple of seeds.  All that means is that some poor unfortunate No. 2 seed is going to get much more than they bargained for on the first weekend……


Arizona State (21-11, RPI 42, SOS 46)

vs. RPI top 50: 4-7

vs RPI under 200: 6-0

Quality wins: vs. (31) Colorado, at (62) California, vs. (28) Oregon, vs. (1) Arizona, vs. (40) Stanford

Bad losses: vs. (111) Miami (FL) at Anaheim, CA

Projected Seed: 10

The loss in the first round of the Pac-12 tourney to Stanford might have them sweating just a bit on Sunday, but I don’t think they will have to. The Pac-12 was better than most people thought this year.  Nine of the 12 teams are ranked in the top 100 of the RPI.


Colorado (23-10, RPI 31, SOS 25)

vs. RPI top 50: 5-7

vs. RPI under 200: 5-0

Quality wins: vs. (47) Harvard, vs. (3) Kansas, vs. (28) Oregon, vs. (42) Arizona State, at (40)Stanford

Bad losses: NONE

Projected Seed: 9

The Ralphies don’t have a plethora of nice wins like some teams do, but they do have two huge non-conference scalps.  That can only help their seeding, but without a win over Arizona, they won’t get out of the 8-9 game.


Stanford (21-12, RPI 40, SOS 14)

vs. RPI top 50: 5-9

vs. RPI under 200: 6-0

Quality wins: at (20) Connecticut, at (28) Oregon, vs. (42) Arizona State, at (63) California, vs. (19) UCLA, vs. (42) Arizona State

Bad losses: NONE

Projected Seed: 9

The win over Arizona State should put Stanford as a No. 7 seed.  The subpar showing against UCLA could knock them down to an eight, but I don’t see them falling any farther than that.


Oregon (23-9, RPI 28, SOS 17)

vs. RPI top 50: 4-6

vs. RPI under 200: 5-0

Quality wins: vs. (69) Georgetown at Seoul, South Korea, vs. (68) Illinois at Portland, OR, vs. (31) BYU, at (19) UCLA, vs. (42) Arizona State, vs. (1) Arizona

Bad losses: NONE

Projected seed: 8

The Ducks were out of the tournament as of three weeks ago.  They proceeded to rattle off seven straight wins, including one over No. 1 Arizona.  That plants the Ducks right in the middle of the seeding, which is a very dangerous place for them to be.

Cal finished fourth in the Pac 12, but has an RPI (63) that is way too high for an at-large bid, even for a team from a major conference.

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