Fantasy Baseball: The Five Commandments of Auction Drafts, Pt. 5

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Going once . . . going twice . . .

Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When you’re about to throw down an imaginary $260 in a fantasy baseball auction, there are five major rules — one might even go so far as to say commandments — that one must abide by.  Those rules are as follows:

Commandment #1: Do Your Homework

Commandment #2: Have a Plan, and Then Have Another Plan

Commandment #3: Respect the Nomination Process

Commandment #4: Exercise Cautious Caution

Without further ado, the last, and arguably most important rule…

Commandment #5: Pay Attention!

Pay attention!  You can tell it’s important because it has an exclamation point!

What does that mean?  To what should you be paying attention?

Pay attention to bidding wars, especially ones that you win.

Let’s say you’re positive Alex Cobb is going to be in the Cy Young discussion this year.   You have the highest bid on Cobb at $11 and it’s going once, going twice, and “RAYSFAN1978″ kicks it up to $12.

You go to $13.

He bids $14.

You try and shake him off your tail by jump-bidding straight to $16.

He goes to $17.

You bid $18…but not a penny more.

Going once, going twice, sold!  Congratulations!  Now you have your ace!  Once you’re done high-fiving yourself, or shaking your fist at the screen because you almost got away with highway robbery, make a note of “RAYSFAN1978″‘s love for Cobb.  As the season progresses you know that he’ll be interested in trading for Cobb and you can get good value.  You should have a list of everyone who fought for your players for precisely this reason.

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