Fantasy Baseball: Can Andre Ethier Be Dropped In Deep Leagues?

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Welcome back to “Off The Deep End”, where I will give you fantasy baseball tips on who to pick up or drop in deeper leagues.  For people who play standard leagues, drop/add columns are easy for you to find, but for those of you that love deeper leagues, advice can be harder to come by.  That is where I can help.

Today we will cover those players that just aren’t cutting it.  Look, I get it.  The team you drafted is the team you committed to to help you win a league championship.  Cutting ties with them can feel like breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend.  I am here to tell you that you owe nothing to these players.  They won’t know if you drop them.  Allegiances can be dangerous in the world of fantasy sports.  I am here to tell you who it is okay to drop in deeper leagues.  I promise that they won’t find out!

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David DeJesus, Rays: If you were hoping for a revitalization here, it isn’t happening.  DeJesus is mired in an 0-23 slump, and is finally starting to lose at-bats.  He is hitting an awful .119 with no homers, no RBI, and no steals.  If you are still one of the ones hanging on to him, you shouldn’t.

David Lough, Orioles: No, I’m not just picking on guys named David.  Lough was initially slated to platoon with Delmon Young.  Now Young is even starting to take starts from him against righties.  This is a trend that will likely continue.  Having a .135 average on the season with zero homers and two steals will do that.

Nate McLouth, Nationals: McClouth is hitting a disgusting .074 on the season with no homers, no steals, no RBI, and two runs scored.  He should not be owned in any league right now.  Believe it or not, he is.

Andre Ethier, Dodgers: The Dodger outfield is packed with Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, Carl Crawford, and Scott Van Slyke all needing playing time.  Oh, and they might have the best OF at AAA as well with Joc Pederson and Trayvon Robinson.  There simply is no room for a guy hitting .167 over the last two weeks.  perhaps the most disturbing part about this is that Ethier is usually a hot starter.  He wasn’t this year when he really needed to be.  The Dodgers are almost out of patience with him, and have plenty of other players than can turn to.  It may be wise for you to do the same.

Alex Presley, Astros: The Astros also have an outfield chock full of prospects.  They will play whomever has the hot hand, and it has not been Presley this year.  He is hitting just .146 on the season.  He has upside, but until he starts hitting, and the Astros consistently field the same outfield, he isn’t worth the headache.

Raul Ibanez, Angels: I’m afraid that age has finally caught up with Mr. Ibanez.  Raul is mired in a season-long slump, and is hitting just .148 on the season.  Is the three home runs he has hit really worth this?

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