Fantasy Baseball: Can Curtis Granderson and Torii Hunter Be Dropped In Standard Leagues?

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The baseball season is now close to a month old.  One sixth of the way done.  While the sample sizes are still rather small, we are also at the point that you need to cut some weight that is dragging you down.  Today we will cover those players that just aren’t cutting it.  Look, I get it.  The team you drafted is the team you committed to to help you win a league championship.  Cutting ties with them can feel like breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend.  I am here to tell you that you owe nothing to these players.  They won’t know if you drop them.  Allegiances can be dangerous in the world of fantasy sports.  I am here to tell you who it is okay to drop in most leagues.  I promise that they won’t find out!

All of the recommended drops are owned in more than half of ESPN leagues.  All of the suitable replacements are available in half of leagues or less.  This installment will cover the outfielders.   We will get to the pitchers tomorrow.  Check here for the CI portion , and here  for the MI portion of the show!


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Torii Hunter, Tigers: All of Hunter’s three home runs on the season came in the first ten days.  He has just three RBI in the last two weeks with a .242 batting average.  You can do better in 10 and 12 team leagues.

Curtis Granderson, Mets: Granderson has never been one to hit for a high average, but his putrid .121 on the season is low even for him.  He only has one home run and two steals on the season.  There is no good reason to keep letting him do this to your team.  It’s time to move on.  This can be revisited if he ever turns things around.

Ben Revere, Phillies: Revere’s greatest asset is his speed.  He hasn’t stolen a bag since April 6th.  He has just one RBI in the last two weeks.  While the .243 average over that span is tolerable, it isn’t worth the extreme lack of counting stats.  If you want a guy to hit for average and nothing else, I hear Nick Markakis is available…..

Will Venable, Padres: His great defense will sadly never show up in fantasy.  Venable is doing nothing to warrant owning him in most leagues, hitting just .224 on the season with no homers and no steals.  I would have a hard time telling you to stay with him in a 20 team league, yet he is still owned in 58 percent of leagues.  You can do better.

B.J. Upton, Braves: I have never understood the fascination with the elder Upton.  He never hits for a high average, has good speed, and decent power.  Basically, he is Chris Young, who is available in 98 percent of leagues.  Upton is owned on name only, as his .203, one HR, two RBI, and four steals suggest.  There are dozens of players that can do that for your team without dragging your average down.

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