Fantasy Baseball: Can R.A. Dickey and Francisco Liriano Be Dropped In Standard Leagues?

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The baseball season is now close to a month old.  One sixth of the way done.  While the sample sizes are still rather small, we are also at the point that you need to cut some weight that is dragging you down.  Today we will cover those players that just aren’t cutting it.  Look, I get it.  The team you drafted is the team you committed to to help you win a league championship.  Cutting ties with them can feel like breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend.  I am here to tell you that you owe nothing to these players.

All of the recommended drops are owned in more than half of ESPN leagues.  All of the suitable replacements are available in half of leagues or less. Check here for the corner infielders: , here for the middle infielders: , and here for the outfield: portion of the show!

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Danny Salazar, Indians: I realize that most of my names in this series have been rookies.  The point here is that if you are trying to win a redraft league, or a non-dynasty league, there are only about ten percent of the rookie crop that can actually help you.  Of that ten percent, maybe ten percent of those are worth carrying for the entire season.  So your odds of having a rookie carry you are very very low.  Which is the main reason why I would not carry around Salazar and his 14 runs given up in his last two starts.

R.A. Dickey, Blue Jays: Yes, I know.  Dickey is a notoriously slow starter, and once the calendar turns to June, he becomes much better.  Which is why you should wait until then to own him.  In an overwhelming majority of standard leagues, Dickey would stay on the wire until you want to pick him back up.  Dickey has been beaten up by the torrid offenses of the Rays, Twins, and Astros this year.  Not exactly the mark of a pitcher worth hanging on to right now.

Clay Buchholz, Red Sox: Buchholz is 0-2 with a 7.71 ERA on the season, but perhaps the most concerning this is his lack of velocity.  He is struggling to hit 90 MPH, and for a sinker ball pitcher, that does not work.  Maybe he can turn it around, but unless his velocity increases, I wouldn’t count on it.  I am going to let him destroy someone else’s ERA for a while.

Tim Lincecum, Giants: Lincecum is 1-1 with a 6.43 ERA and a 1.48 WHIP on the season.  There is simply no room for that on a standard league roster.  He is not going to regain his Cy Young winning form, no matter how much we may want him to.

Francisco Liriano, Pirates: Since his brilliant start on Opening Day against the toothless Cubs, Liriano has allowed three or more runs in every start.  He has allowed 15 runs in 26 inning.  While he does have 22 strikeouts in that span, he is simply too unreliable to run out there in standard leagues.  You would usually be better off streaming from the waiver wire.

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