Fantasy Baseball: Trade Matt Kemp in a Points League?

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I realize that up until now that I have done only drop/add columns, mostly on deeper leagues.  I decided to do something different for points league players simply because the big names are not always the big performers in those formats.  So instead of a drop/add for our points league players, I will present players to target.  Some of these guys may be available on waivers in your league.  If they are, good for you!  You don’t have to give up anything!

The point totals are based on ESPN standard points league scoring.  If you are in a custom points league, the value may be slightly different.  For example, my league counts five points for a quality start, and minus 5 for a blown saves.  Stolen bases are also worth two instead of one.  Most leagues will have some sort of quirk like this, so you might have to adjust accordingly.

May 5, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves catcher Evan Gattis (24) hits an RBI single in the sixth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The secret to pulling off helpful deals in points leagues is to offer up a big name that isn’t quite as valueable in points formats.  Most people are so used to playing standard or category leagues that these big names excel in.  Big names sell.  I will give you bigger names that you can try to pry away the points league monsters with.

This series will be done in three parts.  This one will focus on catchers and outfielders, tomorrow’s will cover the infield, and Thursday we will cover pitchers.  Without further adieu, here we go!

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