Oct 27, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) drops back during the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Packers defeated the Vikings 44-31. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Rodgers tops the 2014 fantasy football quarterback rankings

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Fantasy Football is back! I have a draft today, and in order to prepare, I decided it was the best time to provide you guys with my quarterback rankings.  Quarterbacks aren’t as important as everyone believes since the position is so deep.  The strategy I always use in my drafts is to wait.  I don’t draft a quarterback until I look at the round and say, “I can’t believe this guy is here”. I would never reach for a quarterback as every single year more and more quarterbacks become fantasy relevant.  Last year, Quarterbacks scored more than any other season.

I tried to explain in each players bio why I ranked them where I did. But of course if you have any questions about my rankings, you can reach me on Twitter, the comments section, or the Fantasy Football Insight Facebook page and I will explain in depth with all of you why I prefer ‘player A’ to ‘player B.’  Enjoy!


Aaron Rodgers

QB, Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers comes in as my number one fantasy quarterback this season.  I love that they locked up Jordy Nelson long term, along with Randall Cobb, who is looking for a long term deal.  He has Eddie Lacy in the backfield which means that the defenses can’t just sit back as defend the pass.  They will have to be on their toes the whole game.  I love the fact that their division consists of high scoring offenses that will require them to score to win.  Rodgers has my preseason MVP vote for this season.

Drew Brees

QB, New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees has three straight 5,000 yard, 40+ touchdown seasons.  I like the addition of Brandin Cooks, and even though the schedule is slightly tougher with Lovie Smith in the division, Drew Brees will eye another huge season.  He won’t have to take a trip to Seattle, so hopefully he can avoid failing on another tough week 13.

Peyton Manning

QB, Denver Broncos

The biggest question that I will be asked is:”why is Peyton Manning not number one?”  Yes, I saw last season, but that was last season. He had a huge week one with seven touchdowns and it fueled his confidence for the rest of the season.  Nobody has thrown for 50+ touchdowns twice in their career, so it’s right to expect a drop off.  The last time Peyton Manning broke the passing touchdown record he followed it with a 28-touchdown season.  That won’t happen, but it’s clear to expect a bit of a drop off along with the division getting better. Oh,  and they play the NFC West this year.

Matthew Stafford

QB, Detroit Lions

New Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi talked about wanting to implement an offensive similar to what the Saints used last season.  Stafford has thrown more than any other quarterback over the past three seasons, and with his weapons on offense, it looks like it will be keeping up.

Matt Ryan

QB, Atlanta Falcons

In a standard scoring league, Matt Ryan averaged 19.2 Fantasy Points per game over the first five games of the season.  Those first five games were the ones that Julio Jones played in.  This year he is back.   If the screw in his foot holds up, Matt Ryan could be on the way to a huge season.  If you take that average of 19.2 Fantasy Points per game and spread it over 16 games, Matt Ryan finishes as a top-3 quarterback last season.


Andrew Luck

QB, Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck managed to have 23 touchdown passes last season with a depleted team.  This year they added Reggie Wayne and Dwayne Allen back into the offense.  Then on top of getting guys back, they added Hakeem Nicks which gives Luck three reliable receivers and a couple sleeper wide receivers in Donte Moncrief and Da’Rick Rogers.


Nick Foles

QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Can you hear the groans? A lot of people don’t like Nick Foles and I am not sure why.  You can look at the low interception total last year, and say he can’t possibly to that again.  You would be right.  It is reasonable to expect double digit interceptions.  However, I think the touchdowns will still be between 25-30 range as Chip Kelly’s offense gets better and better every year.

Tony Romo

QB, Dallas Cowboys

The hate for Tony Romo is unreal, but the truth is that in his career he is a really good Fantasy Football quarterback.  He has been a starter for seven seasons in the NFL and he has been a top 10 quarterback in six of them.  On top of that, the Cowboys defense is going to be bad and the Cowboys are going to have to score to win games.  Plus, his average finish in those seven years is as the eighth best quarterback  Which is where he shows up in my ranks.

Tom Brady

QB, New England Patriots

The Tom Brady ranking is because I simply don’t know what is going to happen with Rob Gronkowski.  If Gronkowski plays all 16 games, then Brady’s touchdown number will be closer to 30.  However, if Gronkowski isn’t healthy for all 16 games, then Tom Brady’s touchdown number will be closer to 20.


Robert Griffin III

QB, Washington Redskins

The Redskins will be throwing the ball a lot more, and RGIII will be able to accumulate a ridiculous amount of rushing yards.  However, I don’t know if the touchdowns will be there.  I think they will be running the ball in a lot when they get close, which will cause RG3 to lose out on easy touchdowns.  The Redskins don’t seem to have the big receivers that you need to score through the air in the redzone.

Colin Kaepernick

QB, San Francisco 49ers

Colin Kaepernick is one of the polarizing quarterbacks in fantasy football.  Dave Richard of CBSSports.com has Colin as a top-5 fantasy quarterback this season.  I’ve listened to Dave talk about how he believes that the Niners offensive identity is going to change.  I don’t think that identity is going to change.  I think they run a lot, maybe slightly less than last season, but for the most part this is a run first offense.  Plus, I’m not sure the 49ers are going to allow Kaepernick to run around, meaning the rushing yards won’t be there.


Jay Cutler

QB, Chicago Bears

Brandon Marshall called him the MVP. All kidding aside, this is a huge opportunity for Jay Cutler to take a enormous leap in the fantasy world.  The issue with Cutler is his ability to stay healthy.  It has nothing to do with his talent level or the talent surrounding him.  We saw Josh McCown look good in this offense, so just think about what Head Coach Marc Trestman can do with Jay Cutler.


Cam Newton

QB, Carolina Panthers

Colin Kapernick was one of the most polarizing, but Cam is the most polarizing fantasy football player.  I originally looked at him losing Steve Smith as a ‘who cares’, but the more I got into it, the ranking has nothing to do with losing Steve Smith.  Cam Newton is coming off of ankle surgery, and every year the rushing touchdowns decrease, from 14 to 8 to 6 last season. With Cam being due a big contract next offseason, and coming off ankle surgery, the Panthers may not let him run.  Ultimately I think they are going to ask him to become a drop-back passer even more this season.


Ben Roethlisberger

QB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben is always a good fantasy quarterback and he is only getting better with Antonio Brown becoming a rising receiver in this league.

Russell Wilson

QB, Seattle Seahawks

I am slightly worried about Russell Wilson because I don’t know who is going to catch the football for him.  If Lynch’s production goes down like the ‘400-touches rule’ suggests, what does that mean for Russell Wilson?

Philip Rivers

QB, San Diego Chargers

 The Chargers lost Ken Whisenhunt, but no worries as Rivers still managed to go 4/4 with 61 yards passing in his first preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys.  I love the team’s offensive weapons, and I am slightly worried about the schedule.  Still, Rivers will be fine.

Ryan Tannehill

QB, Miami Dolphins

Bill Lazor had an effect on Nick Foles last year and now he is the offensive coordinator Miami Dolphins. He said that he plans on running a similar offense to the offense they ran in Philadelphia.  Tannehill is in year three, and has an chance to burst on to the scene this year.

Carson Palmer

QB, Arizona Cardinals

On November 19th last season, Bruce Arians was talking about Carson Palmer’s big game against Jacksonville and said that he finally had complete understanding of the offense.  Here were his numbers in the last six games of the season against the Colts, Eagles, Rams, Titans, Seahawks, and 49ers. 138-214 (64.5%) 1701 yards (283.5 yards per game) 10 touchdowns, seven interceptions . Palmer stepped up at the end of last season after struggling to begin the season with 12 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.


Andy Dalton

QB, Cincinnati Bengals

Dalton was a top-5 fantasy quarterback last season, and I think he could have another great season. However, that’s not why he is so low.  He is low because of his inconsistency . He would go from a 30-point game to a 5-point game and you can’t afford to have that player on your team in a head-to-head scoring league.  It’s not about total points, it’s about the week-to-week consistency.  I think they run a little more and throw a little less with new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.


Eli Manning

QB, New York Giants

I have Eli as a ‘QB2′ even in 10 team leagues because I believe that this offense has a chance to keep the picks down for Eli.  I know that’s hard to believe, but I like the receiving corps, and they get to play the NFC East twice, which doesn’t have the greatest of defenses. This should be a bounce back year for Eli.


Sam Bradford

QB, St. Louis Rams

Sam Bradford had 14 touchdowns in seven games before tearing his ACL, and that was with a terrible receiving unit.  Now they added Kenny Britt, and Tavon Austin has a year under his belt.  Sam Bradford is my sleeper quarterback every year, but this year I think if he stays healthy, he could be really good.


Alex Smith

QB, Kansas City Chiefs

I’m slightly worried about Alex Smith because his weapons are worse than last season  He lost three offensive lineman and Dexter McCluster, which now leaves him with only Dwayne Bowe.

Geno Smith

QB, New York Jets

If you take everyone’s fantasy points over the last four weeks of last season (the fantasy playoffs), then you would see that Geno Smith was a top-5 fantasy quarterback in that stretch.  Now they added Eric Decker and added Chris Johnson to the backfield.  That makes Geno a good buy low candidate .

Josh McCown

QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh McCown is a guy that I like because of who is surrounding him.  He is surrounded by 6-foot-5 receivers and a 6-foot-7 tight end.  Plus, Jeff Tedford is known for his quarterback expertise, which could cause McCown to blossom like we saw in Chicago.

Joe Flacco

QB, Baltimore Ravens

Flacco’s offense has drastically improved from last season.  They added Steve Smith, who actually has the ability to catch the ball on the shorter routes,and Torrey Smith to run the deep routes.  Plus, Flacco gets a new voice in his ear in offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, which could be good for him.

Johnny Manziel

QB, Cleveland Browns

I don’t know when Manziel will start, but at some point he has to start.  The Cleveland fans aren’t going to allow him to sit all season. When he does start he is going to rack up fantasy points with his rushing ability.


Teddy Bridgewater

QB, Minnesota Vikings

Bridgewater will be the starting quarterback at some point this season, and I think it will be sooner rather than later . Last year, Cleveland (Norv Turner’s offense) lead the league in pass attempts.  However, Cleveland didn’t have Adrian Peterson like the Vikings do.


Jake Locker

QB, Tennessee Titans

Jake Locker needs to stay healthy. He has a chance this season to take a big step forward with the talent surrounding him in Ken Whisenhunt’s offense.  He has Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, Nate Washington, and Delaine Walker.  The Titans also added Dexter McCluster, and though we haven’t quite seen how he will be used yet, he could be used in the ‘Danny Woodhead role’.


EJ Manuel

QB, Buffalo Bills

They got Sammy Watkins, but that doesn’t change the fact that EJ hasn’t been able to stay on the field.  If he can play all 16 games, he likely would be into the top 20 with his rushing ability.  That said, I can’t see him staying healthy just yet.


Matt Schaub

QB, Oakland Raiders

The ‘pick 6 machine’ was what Matt Schaub was last year. The Raiders have the hardest schedule in the NFL, and a depleted receiving corps.  It could get ugly in Oakland again.


Ryan Fitzpatrick

QB, Houston Texans

I feel for Andre Johnson, however, the good news is that Fitzpatrick is very good at getting the ball to his number one receiver.  Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t someone I’d feel comfortable starting in any league.

Chad Henne

QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Can we start Blake Bortles already?

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