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» Editor: Matt Shetler

In addition to being the new editor of Fantasy CPR, Matt also serves as the editor for two other FanSided sites — Buckets Over Broadway and City of Champions sports. Matt comes to Fantasy CPR with over 10 years in the sports media working for several newspapers and radio stations, mostly in the Pittsburgh area. In addition to his position with Fantasy CPR, he also serves as the Assistant Director of the NBA Division for FanSided. Matt is a life-long Knicks fan and avid fantasy sports guy and is committed to making Fantasy CPR the best source for fantasy information.

Please contact Matt with any site inquiries and questions at: [email protected]

» Staff Writer: Josh Lloyd

Josh is a fantasy basketball writer at FantasyCPR and also contributes to Pickandroll.com.au. He is also the founder of RedRockbasketball.com. Josh was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, where he still resides, and when he’s not dishing the fantasy goodness, he works as a pharmacist.

» Staff Writer: Alpine

Alpine is dedicated to improving his readers’ success in fantasy basketball leagues throughout the world. If you want insightful, reliable, and accurate analysis about fantasy basketball, you have come to the right site and found the right guy.

Submit your fantasy questions to Alpine at: [email protected]

» Staff Writer: John Hillier

John Hillier is a staff writer and FantasyCPR’s resident daily fantasy sports expert.  In addition to providing his astute analysis of the NBA on a daily basis, John works nights as a scientist, philosopher, adventurer, explorer, musician and bartender. In his free time, John enjoys women and drink, collecting records, listening to music both live and recorded, reading non-fiction and most importantly, spending time with his son and getting into adventures wherever they may be found.

» Staff Writer: Joseph Theroux

Joseph is fantasy baseball writer at FantasyCPR and once won a 28-team league after having started with the 40-man roster of the 2011 Seattle Mariners (go ahead, Google them). He was born and raised a Red Sox fan and started his fantasy baseball addiction at the turn of the century. Joseph is a storyteller and author residing in North Kingstown, Rhode Island with his wife, daughter and cats.

» Staff Writer: Mike Marteny

Mike is Fantasy CPR’s resident college sports guru, specializing in bowl game predictions and March Madness Bracketology. Mike has won various fantasy leagues over the past decade, participating in baseball, football, college football, and basketball. He enjoys live music, both going to shows, and listening to live ones by his favorite bands.