3 fantasy football stars to avoid after free agency sent them to new homes

Fantasy football players should avoid any crazy talk about how good these players will be with their new teams.

New York Jets v Los Angeles Chargers
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Mike Williams, New York Jets
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Mike Williams, WR, New York Jets

Former Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams has signed as a free agent with the New York Jets where he will have the chance to catch passes from Aaron Rodgers. Sounds great, right?

Let the other managers in your league think that. Rodgers played all of four downs in New York last season and Williams, now 29 years old, seems to be hurt just about as much as he's not. Sure, he could be a big target for the Jets in 2024, but how often is he going to be available?

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It's always good advice to stay away from the players who seem to be injured all the time, particularly if you have some players on your roster who often hover around the "questionable" status. If Williams is a guy you can obtain cheap and you have the strength on the roster to consider him a luxury, that would be acceptable. But you can do a whole lot better with the core of your roster than an aging, oft-injured Williams.