4 fantasy football predictions for running backs in Week 15

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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2.) Derrick Henry will be the highest scoring RB in Week 15

The king has come alive the last three games with 2 touchdowns each the last three weeks (one game with over 100 rushing yards). His volume is on the ground which is a make or break situation for fantasy owners. The Titans are going up against the Houston Texans who are in the mix to compete for the AFC South division championship.

However, they will have to get through a Titans squad that has Henry in the backfield and has flat-out dominated the Texans in Henry’s last five meetings. In the last five meetings that Henry played against the Texans, he rushed for over 200 yards in four out of the five games along with 3 rushing touchdowns in one of those games, and a pair of touchdowns in three of those games.

This is a different Texans team that the Titans are facing. Since their bye week in Week 7, the Texans are giving up just 85 yards on the ground per game (only 6 games this season that they have given up more than 100 rushing yards). At the end of the day, until the Texans can prove that they can contain the king, Henry has a high ceiling this week against them and with the roll he has been on the last three weeks, there is an argument to be made that Henry will be the highest scoring running back this week.