4 strategies to win your NFL Playoff Fantasy Football League

The Browns have a real shot at deep playoff run.
The Browns have a real shot at deep playoff run. / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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It is hard to give up Fantasy Football once the regular season has ended. But opportunities can be thin outside of DFS. Over the years, many different configurations of how to play Fantasy during the playoffs have emerged. My favorite, by far, is the Iron Man approach.

With the Iron Man approach, you draft just like the regular season but there are only 12 teams. By the later rounds, you'll pick up back-up kickers and tight ends that have had five receptions all year. The winner is the most points, cumulative, through all four weeks of the playoffs.

The key is that there is no waiver wire. Once your player's team has lost, there is no replacement. You'll be lucky to make it to the Super Bowl with more than two or three guys left.

In this way, the Iron Man competition forces each Fantasy manager to be a complete football guru. You may win your Fantasy league every other year, but you'll lose this playoff league. Because you have to know real life football. You have to do the impossible, pick the NFL team that is going to win the game.

It will be great if Tyreek Hill goes for 200 yards, but if he only plays in one game, that won't win you a championship. Here are a few strategies to win in an Iron Man playoff league.