4 strategies to win your NFL Playoff Fantasy Football League

The Browns have a real shot at deep playoff run.
The Browns have a real shot at deep playoff run. / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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Strategy 1: Commit to Your Super Bowl Picks

Prior to your draft, you should fill out your playoff bracket and who you think will be in the Super Bowl. You don't have to pick who is going to win the Super Bowl, just who will be there. Then, load up on those players. If you are correct, you'll have plenty of players that will play three or four full games.

OK, you picked Baltimore vs. San Francisco. Two problems with that choice.
1. Everyone picked those two teams.
2. In the NFL, if it looks too easy, you already lost.

By filling out the full bracket, if you see a draft run on your Super Bowl players, you can pivot and pick up your third or fourth choices.

Strategy 2: Draft Players That Are Guaranteed to Play Two Games

Obviously, the best scenario is that you load up on players from two teams who play in Wild Card weekend and make it to the Super Bowl. That would be four games. But picking NFL winners is very difficult. To lower the bar and hedge your bets, identify teams that are a lock for playing two games (again, they don't have to win two games, they just have to play two games).

Locks to play two games:
- Bills
- Eagles
- Cowboys
I say locks, but let's face it, the Eagles are not playing good football and the Packers look awfully good.

Things get much more difficult after these three teams, but here are some suggestions (definitely not locks):
- Dolphins: The Chiefs haven't beaten a good team since they beat the Dolphins in Week 9. And it's at Arrowhead. But wouldn't it be great to have Jaylen Waddle, Hill, Raheem Mostert, and Tua for more fantasy weeks?
- Browns: Defense wins championships.
- Lions: At some point, they have to win a playoff game.
- Ravens
- 49ers