Can firing of Matt Canada make your Steelers stars fantasy-relevant again?

The Pittsburgh Steelers made a change at offensive coordinator on Tuesday and we now look at how that could impact your fantasy team.
Jacksonville Jaguars Darious Williams (31) tips away a pass intended for Pittsburgh Steelers George
Jacksonville Jaguars Darious Williams (31) tips away a pass intended for Pittsburgh Steelers George / Michael Longo/For USA Today Network /

Many fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers have been calling for it and many fantasy football owners have been calling for it as well. On Tuesday, the Steelers obliged, handing offensive coordinator Matt Canada his walking papers.

It was the first in-season coaching change for the Steelers in 82 years.

The Steelers' offense has in fact been offensive this season and really for the majority of the time that Canada had been the offensive coordinator, a position he held since 2021. But how much of the problem lies at the feet of Canada? That's what the Steelers are getting ready to find out.

Quarterback Kenny Pickett, a favorite of many fans due to the fact he went to Pittsburgh in college, has been largely terrible for the team and is not a guy you want to rely on in fantasy football. But when you own shares of wide receivers George Pickens and Diontae Johnson, you need him to be something.

Pickens, the more talented of the receivers on the roster in my opinion, is averaging three targets per game. That is not acceptable for fantasy football or real football and it is a situation that the Steelers must address.

Some combination of quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan and running backs coach Eddie Faulkner will take over the play-calling duties. One of the first things they need to figure out is how to get Pickens more involved in the passing game.

Many fantasy owners are also going to want to see the running backs become more effective. Najee Harris was once a top-three pick in dynasty rookie drafts (maybe even No. 1 overall) and those owners have likely been quite frustrated since making that investment.

Jaylen Warren, who many fantasy players feel is more effective than Harris, also needs to be a stronger asset.

Harris has rushed for 499 yards on the season and Warren has 493. But Warren is doing that on 38 less carries and is averaging 6.2 yards per tote while Harris has a 3.9-yard average.

Then there is Pickett. His lack of development in year two is the main reason Canada was dismissed. In 10 games this season, he has just six touchdown passes. Yes, six.

The Steelers are not going to be able to flip their playbook and create a brand new offensive scheme at this stage of the season. But Sullivan and Faulker need to figure out a way to open up holes in the running game so that they can get Pickett into situations that are not obvious pass plays.

Pickett needs to be able to use play-action and get outside the pocket to make plays in the passing game down the field. Pickens is able to go up and make terrific, contested catches but he needs to be given those chances.

In short, the Steelers' offense needs to become much more dynamic and not so conservative and careful. The team needs to take chances with its playmakers.

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This is where the team will find out what it has. Was it really Canada's fault? Steelers fans, and fantasy football owners, better hope so.