Dynasty Football: Worst landing spots for the top 3 non-QB rookies in 2024

Dynasty football players are going to hope their favorite rookies don't land in these spots.

Ole Miss v Georgia
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The 2024 rookie class is completely loaded for your upcoming dynasty drafts. For those teams looking for a quarterback, you are in luck. But even if you are not one of those teams, the collection of skills players in this draft is quite enticing as well.

When planning your draft board for your dynasty rookie draft, the "fit" or landing spot for each player is critical in deciding when, or if, you draft them. It's always tough when the player you really have your eyes on lands in the worst possible spot, but with bad teams at the top of the order, it happens all too often.

When looking at the three players most would rank as the best in this class that don't play quarterback, let's look at the worst possible spot for each player.

Worst landing spots for the top 3 non-QB rookies in 2024

Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State
Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State / Brooke LaValley / USA TODAY NETWORK

Marvin Harrison Jr., WR- New England Patriots

The New England Patriots should be in the market for a QB, so Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels are likely the players that they will be deciding between. But Marvin Harrison Jr., the son of a Hall of Famer and the best wide receiver prospect in a long time will also be hard to pass up.

If the Patriots were to draft him, he's still going to have all of that skill and potential, but how much of it would be wasted on the Patriots? The team has only Bailey Zappe at quarterback and would still need to add someone to help make MHJ the star everyone believes he will be, but this isn't the Patriots of old with Tom Brady.

The Patriots are in the middle of a huge rebuilding project. Bill Belichick is no longer there and things are going to take time to get back on the winning track. It seems that Harrison's growth could be stunted in a huge way if he ended up in a Patriots uniform.