Dynasty Leagues: Must know tiers of your rookie drafts

Not all draft picks are created equally. Right now you need to start figuring out what draft prospects you can wait on and which ones you need to make moves for!
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The final harvest is not for a month but it’s already easy to tell that the crop of talent in this draft class is bountiful. Fantasy contributors can be found throughout this class; obviously, that’s exciting. However, some tier drop-offs will be present in rookie drafts that you NEED to know about.

As it is in redraft fantasy football drafts, you constantly hit points of the draft where you notice that all the “good players” are now gone, or that a bunch of players you see in the draft queue are the same.  For example, the difference in talent between the 4th player taken in a draft and the 5th player might be far greater than the difference between the 5th and 6th players. This is what I mean by a tier or a tier drop-off.

Knowing these tiers is critically important so that you know just how much your 1st round pick is worth. Maybe you can convince your league mate you’re only trading up a couple of spots, but, instead, you’re moving up an entire tier. 

Before the NFL draft, there is one group of seven prospects that seem like the belles of the ball. This group could expand or retract a spot or two once we know landing spots, but I'd feel far better having the 6th or 7th pick in a Superflex rookie draft than I would if I had the 8th pick. Within that group, there are a couple of tiers.

Top 7 Guys

Tier 1: I'd be shocked if they don't hit

1) Caleb Williams (QB)

2) Marvin Harrison Jr. (WR)

3) Malik Nabers (WR)

4) Rome Odunze (WR)

Tier 2: Star upside but can see a world where they bust

5) Drake Maye (QB)

6) Jayden Daniels (QB)

7) Brock Bowers (TE)

I think there are two tiers within this awesome group of 7. Again, any one of these players above has a good shot at being a solid piece on your dynasty squad, however, those top 4 are tantalizing. Caleb Williams is as physically gifted as Patrick Mahomes. Marvin Harrison Jr. might have a career better than his father's. Malik Nabers has similar production and juice to other LSU WRs like JJ, OBJ, and Ja'Marr Chase. Rome Odunze lacks any major flaws and would be the WR1 in most normal draft classes. That top 4 is spicy!

This next tier of guys is nice but they don't feel quite as guaranteed for one reason or another. Both QBs in this tier, Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels, have the tools to be fantasy-relevant franchise QBs, their toolboxes just aren't quite as full as Caleb Williams.

Brock Bowers is one of the highest touted TE prospects of the 21st century. He has unreal production and pops on the field. If not for the trend of TEs taking a long time to break out and this Kyle Pitts guy in Atlanta who burned people after being drafted super high, Bowers might have found himself in the first tier.


All-in-all this draft class is awesome. Many more prospects have insane upside well past this initial list of 7 guys. The reason for writing this article is that you should reasonably do what you can to get a top 7 rookie draft pick. A stud will develop outside of the top seven, so don't hear what I'm not saying.


Nothing is ever a guarantee and these aren't the only good players in the draft. Best put, the hit rate within this awesome group I just mentioned will be higher than that of the next handful of players.