Fantasy Football: 5 sleepers at running back for Week 8

Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos
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The running back position in fantasy football is one of the biggest advantages to have as the season progresses because of injury, emergence of other backs in the offense, or a shift in the offensive scheme. While the wide receiver position has become a key factor in being successful, the running back position becomes more important as the season goes on because there are only a few select backs that make an impact in Week 1 and continue it throughout the season.

Heading into Week 8, there five backs that should be on rosters if they aren't already, and even potentially put into starting spots if they aren't forced because of the lack of running backs on teams.

These backs have either a good fantasy matchup ahead of them this week, or in a position to atlest carry the ball the most out of the backfield.

Here are the five sleepers for fantasy football at running backs for Week 8.