Fantasy Football: 5 wide receivers to avoid starting in Week 14

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Rams
Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Rams / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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1.) Keenan Allen vs. Denver Broncos

This may be a big surprise as Keenan Allen has arguably been the most dominant fantasy receiver this season outside of Tyreek Hill. He has scored double digits in all but one game, and even in that one game he just fell short of 10 points.

In three of his last four games, Allen has scored over 22 points twice and 40 points in one. Last week against the New England Patriots, which was the game of the week for fans that love a defensive game, Allen posted double digit points despite not getting into the endzone and only 5 catches.

Now you might ask, why is he number one on this list? The Chargers are facing the Broncos for the first time this season, and the Broncos have had a huge turnaround season compared to last year. Their defense has been more consistent and they have arguably the best corner in the game in Pat Surtain. With Quentin Johnston being a disappointment this season so far, it allows the defense to put more of a focus on Allen and Denver has the defense that can take Allen away from the passing game.