Fantasy Football: Davante Adams struggles not entirely his fault in Week 9

Davante's face tells the story of a wide receiver without a quarterback.
Davante's face tells the story of a wide receiver without a quarterback. / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Tua Tagovailoa

Most of us who woke up early to watch the Chiefs play the Dolphins were expecting the score to be something like 48-45 but we didn't get that game. We got a 21-14 game which didn't seem all that close very often. Patrick Mahomes, who scored 15.8 fantasy points could have easily been in this spot as well, but Tua's 12.42 points puts him on the list, making him the QB 12 on the week.

But Tua is the QB5 on the season and he famously does great against bad teams. Over the next several weeks he has the Raiders, Titans, and Commanders who he should light up. He also has two games against the Jets, which could go either way for him.

The real bad news is that he has Baltimore and Dallas in the heart of the Fantasy playoffs. Tua is Untrustworthy. Tua will return to form in week 11 against the Raiders after his bye, but you may need someone more trustworthy for the playoffs. Maybe whoever you pick up next week should be long term option (Will Levis?).

D'Andre Swift

Deandre Swift had a tough matchup against Dallas this week which is a good barometer to gauge if he is matchup proof. His 9.4 points is not what you expect from Swift who RB5 on the year. Swift has been about as trustworthy as it comes as he had a 7-week streak of double digits which he just missed this week.

Swift is not touchdown dependent; he only has four this year, but he is reception dependent. Only two catches tanked his outing this week. Swift was a blip this week, you won't be moving him out of your lineup as he is thriving in Philadelphia.