Fantasy Football: Don't fall victim to doubt surrounding De'Von Achane

Miami Dolphins rookie running back De'Von Achane went down with a knee injury in Week 5.
Miami Dolphins running back De'Von Achane (28) breaks free for a 76-yard touchdown run against the
Miami Dolphins running back De'Von Achane (28) breaks free for a 76-yard touchdown run against the / Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

If you drafted Miami Dolphins rookie running back De'Von Achane in fantasy football this year, you have likely jumped for joy at his success... once you got him off of your bench, of course.

If you took him in your redraft league, he is likely propelling your team to top of the standings. If you drafted him in your dynasty league, your slight grin has likely turned into a beaming smile.

That is because the lightning-fast rookie who was deemed "too small" by most to drafted, sits behind only Christian McCaffrey in the entire NFL in total rushing yards this season. And if you have seen him in action, he has been special.

But as I scoured social media and the various fantasy football outlets I frequent this morning, I noticed many of Achane's doubters taking some ridiculous victory laps and pulling out the old "I told you so" when it comes to a recent injury he suffered.

See, the knock on Achane is that he is too small and will never hold up in the NFL. He'll never be durable enough to be a pro running back and will instead be a quick flash in the pan. Well, if you want to buy into that stuff, do so at your own peril.

He's going to miss some time and a knee injury is never a good thing, particularly for a running back. But this injury does not mean that this is how his entire career will go. In fact, it could just as easily be a minor setback.

To this point, defenses have had almost no answer for Achane. And that is because he is on the perfect team for his abilities. If you are a defense facing the Dolphins, you simply can't stack the box against the run and leave either Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle to go one-on-one on the outside. That is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, teams will have to gameplan to somehow slow down the run but the way Miami interchanges its running backs, that makes things even more difficult. Just when you've been hit with a dose of Raheem Mostert, they toss in the incredibly speedy Achane and he is spurting through some big holes and then hitting the jets.

This is something that will continue in Miami and with Mike McDaniel as the team's head coach, this is how this offense will operate. It's a perfect blend of speed and athleticism on offense with the right man at the helm.

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I love what they are doing in Miami and if I am a fantasy football manager, I want any piece of it that I can get. If you want to panic and sell Achane for pennies because you think this will turn into a trend, go right on ahead, but I would highly advise against it.