Players from each remaining playoff team with bright fantasy football futures

The NFL Conference Championship games are about ready to kick off. Here is one player from each of the remaining teams in the race that can be an asset to your fantasy football team in the future.
Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers
Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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On Sunday, the NFL will determine the two teams that will play in Super Bowl LVIII. That makes for one of the most exciting weekends of the season.

But just because the fantasy football season is over and has been for awhile now, does not mean that fantasy players should take a break from assessing things for the coming season, particularly those who are in a dynasty league.

As we watch the games this Sunday between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens as well as the San Francisco 49ers against the Detroit Lions, there are some players on each squad to keep tabs on as they have bright futures as fantasy football stars.

Isaiah Likely, Baltimore Ravens
Jan 20, 2024; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens tight end Isaiah Likely (80) celebrates with wide Nelson Agholor in the divisional playoffs against the Houston Texans. / Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens: Isaiah Likely, Tight End

With Mark Andrews missing a good chunk of this season, Isaiah Likely stepped up for the best team in the AFC when it needed him most. Likely, a second-year player out of Coastal Carolina, caught 30 passes for 411 yards and five touchdowns.

It's no secret how much Lamar Jackson depends on Andrews, who is scheduled to return to the field on Sunday, but he showed that same level of confidence in Likely many times this season.

Andrews is still under contract with Baltimore for another two seasons, giving the Ravens a terrific one-two punch going forward. While Andrews will continue to serve as a top 5 tight end in fantasy football, Likely is a great option to have as well as the Ravens will continue to mix him in as he grows as a player.

In addition, Likely could become a viable trade candidate for another team or the Ravens could even be inclined to move Andrews due to the younger Likely's level of production.

Likely is still a player you could get on the cheap and he will continue to be a solid asset on fantasy football rosters going forward, particularly in dynasty leagues.