Week 12 flops for fantasy football and how it impacts Week 13

Dobbs couldn't stop throwing the ball to the Bears this week.
Dobbs couldn't stop throwing the ball to the Bears this week. / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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Joe Mixon

This season we have seen a never ending number of quarterbacks with season-ending injuries. Joe Burrow was the latest to have his season end last week. When he went down, the Bengals turned to the run, feeding Joe Mixon relentlessly. He had 69 yards rushing and 31 yards receiving on five receptions with a season best 21 Fantasy points.

It seems that every coach has had the same game plan for the first start by their backup. Run the ball and checkdowns. Sounds like a recipe for success for Mixon. That didn't happen. He rushed eight times for a paltry 16 yards. He only had two receptions, but with big yards (44). Head scratchingly, the Bengals didn't throw to him more often and he wound up with a season worst 8 points.

Next week, the Bengals face the Jaguars which most likely will have them playing from behind most of the game. Backup quarterback Jake Browning is not likely to lead a Joe Burrow-like comeback, but he'll probably try at Mixon's expense. Mixon's floor is very high, he has only missed double digits three times (as mentioned, 8 is his worst outing). But his ceiling is not that high. He has only eclipsed 20 points twice (20 and 21).

You probably can't bench Mixon, but, given the quarterback situation, he is very Untrustworthy.