Week 13 Fantasy flops and what you should do about them

Calvin Ridley did not do well despite a stellar night for Trevor Lawrence.
Calvin Ridley did not do well despite a stellar night for Trevor Lawrence. / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages
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Congratulations if you had anybody on the Cowboys or 49ers who had stellar offensive days this week. Congrats if you had Evan Engram. We could talk about Patrick Mahomes flopping this week, but nobody is benching him. I could tell you that Justin Herbert flopped, but nobody is going to change their lineup because of this week. Dallas' defense was a -1 this week but still retains the top Fantasy defense in the league. Instead, we'll start by taking a look at last week's flops and our predictions.

  • We said Joe Mixon was Untrustworthy with Jake Browning under center. Well, Jake Browning went off with 354 yards and Mixon followed with two touchdowns, six receptions and a whopping 29.70 Fantasy points.
  • We said Adam Thielen was a Blip due to his high floor and consistency. But Thielen flopped again with three receptions and 5.50 Fantasy points.
  • Jaylen Warren was described as Untrustworthy after his down week last week and this week was a huge risk to play him. Warren flopped again to the tune of 6.50 fantasy points with one reception for -4 yards.

It was a tough week for our predictions but, luckily, we have four more flops to analyze this week.

Devin Singletary

After three weeks of double-digit points (23.10, 19.80, 13.20), it seemed that Singletary had solidified the starter role over Dameon Pierce. The matchup with the Broncos looked fantastic. The Broncos give up the most fantasy points to running backs and the most rushing yards to running backs.

As so often happens, the game didn't go as predicted. The Texans racked up almost 400 yards of offense (Singletary had 40 of those yards), Dameon Pierce received twice as many attempts as Singletary, and Pierce got the touchdown run. All of these numbers left Singletary with 5 Fantasy points on the day.

With such mixed results, we have to consider Singletary Untrustworthy with Pierce back in the lineup.