Week 14 Fantasy Flops: Who can you trust in the playoffs?

Sam LaPorta has a great matchup in Week 15
Sam LaPorta has a great matchup in Week 15 / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Najee Harris

Another week, another player from the Steelers in the Flop list. Jaylen Warren could be in this colum with just 8 points. Geore Pickens could be here with his underwhelming 6.90 points. But we'll pick Najee Harris this week with 48 scrimmage yards, 3 receptions, no touchdowns, and 7.80 points.

It isn't like the Steelers offense is thriving with Mitch Trubisky under center and all the offensive weapons are suffering for it. Harris had a nice four week run of double digits in the middle of the season, but it has been three weeks since he scored 15.90 against Cincinatti.

Pickett has been ruled out against next week's tilt against Indianapolis, so Harris is a Bench. In fact, Pittsburgh is a Bench.

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