3 College Football games to watch for your Dynasty rookie draft

Stanford v USC
Stanford v USC / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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While draft season is a ways away, what can separate a good dynasty owner from a great dynasty owner, is their ability to scout prospects, and know who is going to be a top prospect before the rest of their league-mates.

While anybody can read rankings, draft profiles, and the like, actually watching these college stars in action can give you a better gauge of who to use those picks you have been stashing on. Every year there will always be diamonds in the rough that your league will be wishing they had the chance to draft, and they will truly understand the potential value of that fourth-round pick they threw away.

But surprises? You found none, because you watched these games, you scouted these prospects, and you had the jump on which college athlete was going to star at the next level. Now if it was as easy as watching the game we would all be league winners, but having that extra leg up is always great.

There are not a ton of highly touted matchups between key players in this week's college football slate, there are still plenty of big names and key prospects to take a look at as we continue on in this college football season. A lot of these players will be under pressure to perform, especially as we get into the conference part of schedules early on, so seeing how some of these prospects perform as the lights get brighter could be huge to your scouting efforts.